Netflix’s hit limited series Cheer released its anticipated second season on 12 January, 2022. Within days fans found a favourite in Khris Franklin, the assistant coach to this season’s featured team, Trinity Vаlley Community College.

Trinity Valley Community College has been long-term rivals with the Navarro College team, who were the main feature of season one. Navarro College won the Grand National title five different years, which means they beat every other team in the country, at the National Cheer Association’s College finals, and have placed as national champions 14 times.

Despite this impressive trophy collection, the Trinity Valley team held their own. They broke Navarro’s seven-year winning streak in 2016 by winning the Grand National title.

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Who is Khris Franklin?

Khris Franklin was a long-term head coach, and more recently assistant coach to Trinity Valley Community College’s cheer team.

Khris lives in Athens, Texas, and is 41 years old. He’s currently unmarried and discussed his fears of commitment in season 2 of Cheer, due to divorces on both sides of his family. Throughout the season, fans can clearly see the passion he holds for cheer and how much work he’s put into the industry. His humble hardworking nature made him a fan favourite, with some even tweeting about helping him find a wife and wishing him the best.

How’d he get his role in season 2 of Cheer?

Franklin has been a cheerleader for decades: performing, coaching, and judging over the years. He served as head coach for Trinity Valley for seven years before stepping down in 2017 and appointing Vontae Johnson, a former student he saw potential in.

It’s unclear why he made the decision to leave his team and decades-long passion, but thankfully he returned for the 2021 season. Franklin joined the team of head coach Vontae Johnson and former Navarro choreographer Brad Vaughan. That combination seems to be the perfect mix since Trinity Valley edged Navarro out for the win in the 2021 finals.

Where is the Netflix star now?

Since helping Trinity Valley beat Navarro at the NCA’s college finals in 2021, Franklin has been promoted to co-head coach, and now holds a permanent faculty position. This means he can focus on enjoying himself in his career without worrying about his tenure.

In season 2, he admits he’s quite content with his life now, though he does dream of having a wife and a slew of pets to come home to.

Fans are disappointed to find he doesn’t have social media of his own, however, you can sometimes see him featured on Trinity Valley’s Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook pages.

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