Where is Grayson Leavy now? From Titletown High to Zoey relationship
Screenshot: Titletown High season 1, episode 1 - Netflix

Where is Grayson Leavy now? From Titletown High to Zoey relationship

Titletown High’s Grayson Leavy joined the cast for the show’s first season on 27th August.

The Netflix series which follows the lives of the Valdosta High School football team featured Grayson along his football journey and love life.

As Grayson was one of the teammates who featured most on our screens, what more is there to learn about the football star?

Who is Grayson Leavy?

Grayson is an athlete of all kinds, not only being a footballer but also playing soccer and taking up wrestling, playing for his High School teams.

At 6 foot 2, Grayson was one of the younger members of the Valdosta Wildcats and will be graduating as part of the class of 2023.

The 16-year-old athlete was born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia and according to his recent Instagram story has always dreamed of being a Valdosta Wildcat.

Grayson’s Instagram explored

With an Instagram full of photos out with friends and on the football pitch, Grayson is often keeping his followers up to date with his lifestyle.

In a recent Instagram story posted by Grayson, he shows off his little 4-legged-friend, Tybee, their adorable family dog.

Back in 2017, Grayson also posted a couple of photos of himself playing baseball, however, he no longer seems to play anymore, as he is instead investing the majority of his time in football.

Are Grayson and Zoey still together?

During Titletown High, Grayson certainly had one of the most complicated relationships, dating not one cast member, but two.

Having had a long-lasting friendship with Zoey Watson, the pair undoubtedly had a connection, however, during the series, Grayson instead made Lenley Gross his girlfriend which didn’t last long before Zoey was back on his mind.

Lenley now has a boyfriend and it is unclear as to where Zoey and Grayson’s relationship stands. The pair remain close friends, with Grayson having posted a photo featuring Zoey and their friends and captioning it ‘The fam’.

It looks as though the pair may still be dating, however, we may have to wait for a season 2 of Titletown High to confirm…



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