Where is Jesse Griffiths' restaurant? Netflix's Meat Eater chef owns supper club in USA!

Netflix’s latest nature documentary sees hunter Steven Rinella and various guests tackle the great outdoors for survival.

Television personality and outdoorsman Steve is accompanied with several well-known friends such as chef Jesse Griffiths. They are seen targeting redfish and sea trout and end up with a massive feast.

The three-part documentary series has grown in popularity since it first came out in 2012. Now fans are showing a keen interest in the first part of its third season, which launched on Netflix on September 16. Episode 1’s guest and chef Jesse Griffiths’ cooking talents has caught the eye of many viewers. So where is his restaurant? We tracked down its location!

Screenshot: Jesse and Steven on Meat Eater, Season 9 Part 1, Netflix

Who is Jesse Griffiths?

Chef Jesse Griffiths is the owner of Dai Due Butcher Shop and Supper Club alongside wife and business partner Tamara Mayfield. They opened the restaurant and shop together in 2006. It reportedly won the Best New Restaurant by Bon Appétit in 2015 – and the pair are believed to only use local ingredients, supporting farmers and culinary traditions.

He is also the head instructor of the New School of Traditional Cookery, which can be booked for hunting school. In 2012, he released a book called Afield: A Chef’s guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish, which was nominated for a James Beard award.

Jesse also stars in Full Boar by YETI, where the Texan outdoorsman and chef is seen getting ingredients for his butcher shop. The short film shows Jesse’s journey from hunting to putting food on the plate.
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Where is Jesse Griffiths’ restaurant?

Jesse Griffiths’ restaurant Dai Due Butcher Shop and Supper Club is based at 2406 Manor Road, Ste. A, Austin, Texas, in the USA. Him and wife Tamara create mouth-watering burgers and sandwiches filled with beef, chicken, and other meats. They also offer salads and beverages, as well as desserts like butterscotch pudding.

The restaurant was only offering takeaways that could be picked up, as they had to close the main dining room due to coronavirus restrictions. However on Wednesday September 2nd, Dai Due reopened for dining – and takeaway is still available for their customers if they wish.

You can visit the Dai Due website here to view the restaurant menu.

Jesse Griffiths on Meat Eater

Jesse stars in Episode 1 alongside Steven Rinella. They are assisted by JT Van Zandt and Captain David Dubnik while they go fishing.


After a long day out on the water, they spend their evening with the help of Jesse’s culinary kitchen talents. He seasons the fish they caught during the day – and impresses the rest of the team!




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