Where is John Mosley from Last Chance U: Basketball now? Post-filming updates!
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Where is John Mosley from Last Chance U: Basketball now? Post-filming updates!

Where is coach John Mosley from Last Chance U: Basketball? Fans are wondering what he has gone on to do since the end of Last Chance U: Basketball season 1, which saw him as a passionate member of staff at East Los Angeles College.

American Docuseries is set to drop on March 10th. Fans are already wondering about where the fiery coach is, that managed the Huskies basketball team.

In the trailer, Mosely can be heard saying, “I’m not looking for just respectable, I’m trying to win state championship”. The docuseries follows the college basketball team and their coach, as they work towards gaining scholarships and a state championship.

So, where is coach Mosley now?

Who is John Mosley from Last Chance U: Basketball?

John Edward Mosey was born on 9th June in California. He attended Washington Prep High School and later went on to graduate from East Los Angeles College in Liberal studies. Whilst there, Mosley also played basketball and reportedly “set the ELAC record and led the state in assists, averaging 11.1 per game.”.

Mosely attended gained his degree in Kinesiology and later a masters degree in education. Most recently he attended the Azusa Pacific University in order to qualify in PE teaching and coaching. Throughout his time studying, he has always been involved in playing basketball.

Mosely began his coaching career in 1998 at Masters University, where he gained his degree. He went on to work for a few different educational facilities as a coach before returning to his college to coach the Huskies, back in 2012.

Mosley is married to LaShaunda Pierce Mosley and the couple have 3 children together, Jackson, Moriah and Leah.

Where is John Mosley from Last Chance U: Basketball now?

After his time on Last Chance U: Basketball, John Mosley is shown to have stayed on at East Los Angeles College (ELAC), coaching the Huskies in Monterey Park, California.

The Men’s basketball page can be seen on the ELAC Athletics site, which shows John Mosley still in his position there as Head Coach with the slogan “Once a Husky, always a Husky”. The page also says he is returning for his 9th season as coach.

Most recently, on his official Instagram page, he can be seen going on a family road trip with his daughter Leah and son Moriah, where they played some softball.

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