Where is LC from Love Is Blind now? Catching up with the Netflix star on Instagram!

The three week long mega event that is Love Is Blind is coming to its conclusion on Thursday, February 27th. Will the five remaining couples go through with their weddings? Who is the runaway bride? There are so many burning questions that Netflix needs to answer for us!

Originally there were twenty-nine participants in the Love Is Blind experiment: sixteen women, thirteen men. For many, the experiment didn’t work out. LC was unfortunately one of those who did not find love in the pods.

Just eight couples got engaged, although we only saw six on the series, meaning thirteen were unsuccessful.

So, what happened with LC on Love Is Blind? Where is she now?

Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is LC?

Lauren Chamblin – or “LC” as she’s known on the show, not to be mistaken for the name Elsie – is a 26-year-old who is originally from Tampa, Florida. Now she is living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.

From 2010 to 2014, LC studied for a BA in Theatre Studies at Young Harris College, according to her LinkedIn.

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After graduating, she landed a job working in property. From 2015 to 2017, LC worked for Lincoln Property Company in Leasing and Marketing. She then moved to Atlanta to work as a Marketing Representative for Matrix Residential. LC worked there from April 2017 to March 2018.

While LC was on Love Is Blind – which was filmed way back in October 2018 – it was reported that she worked in recruitment. She worked as a Recruiter for VocoVision.

Last year saw LC shift to a role of Account Manager in Atlanta. From her LinkedIn, it says this is where she currently works.

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Screenshot: Love Is Blind S1 E2 – Netflix

What happened with LC on Love Is Blind?

There’s always bound to be one contestant on a dating show who has interest in not just one person, but a couple. Love triangles and squares are all the rage now!

That contestant on Love Is Blind was undoubtedly Matt Barnett. Unfortunately for LC, she was one of the three girls who ended up smitten with Barnett, and the series saw her competing for his affection against Amber Pike and Jessica Batten.

But things took a heartbreaking turn for LC when Barnett decided to go with Amber. In a confessional, LC broke all of our hearts when she claimed that she was the problem.

In episode 3, LC said:

Why the f*** do guys not ever feel that sure about me? Ever? It’s not just here. I feel like they’re always scared and run. I don’t know what I’m doing to do that. Or am I just like, an unlovable person, which I don’t think I am. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

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Where is LC now?

Things weren’t all bad for LC after the series ended. It’s clear that she’s still on good terms with the rest of the cast – even Amber and Barnett – as she hosted a Love Is Blind viewing party for a couple of them and some friends. LC posted all about it on Instagram.

In a post from Friday, February 15th, LC wrote:

Doing a show like this was hard and it’s really scary to be be yourself and be so vulnerable in such a public way like this. I am in awe of my fellow cast members and can’t wait to watch the rest of their journeys. Couldn’t have asked for a better #PodSquad.

So, she seems pretty happy with her journey!

You can follow LC for more updates on how she’s doing post-reality fame. Check her out @123laurenc.




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