Netflix is at the top of the game when creating true-crime documentaries. No other network does it better than them.

From compelling docu-series like Making A Murderer to more recent mysteries such as Don’t F*** With Cats, they have a variety of crime dramas under their belts.

I Am A Killer is one of Netflix’s more unusual crime series, as rather than figuring out who the killer really is in the case, these murderers have already confessed to their crimes and are serving out time behind bars. But just who would admit to these crimes?

One of the more fascinating cases featured in the new season is that of Lindsay Haugen, who claimed her boyfriend asked to be murdered.

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Who is Lindsay Haugen?

Lindsay is one of the convicted killers featured in the documentary, originally from Portland, Oregon.

Speaking of her childhood, Lindsay explained to cameras that it was far from easy. Despite her religious upbringing, Lindsay rebelled and began to abuse drugs in her teen years. What was initially an occasional marijuana habit turned into more hardcore drug use, as Lindsay abused both methamphetamine and heroin.

Although her life had a turning point at age 17 – when she became clean and had her first son – and things were looking up when she joined the National Guard, it didn’t take long for things to sour for Lindsay when she met her first partner.

In 2013, Lindsay became engaged to a man who abused her continuously. He was jailed in June 2015 for his crimes.

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What happened with Robby?

Lindsay met 25-year-old Robby Mast after she had ended her relationship with her ex-partner.

She said in the episode: “When I met Robby, I had just gotten out of a tough relationship, and he had just gotten out of rehab.”

Lindsay claimed after four weeks, the couple agreed that she would choke him to death. Lindsay killed him in her car in the parking lot of a Montana Walmart on September 15th, 2015. She was 32 years old at the time.

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The hole in Lindsay’s story

Although she claimed it was a consensual act, there were some holes in Lindsay’s story that she told the police.

Later the holes were amplified as she admitted: “I kind of just wanted to kill someone with my bare hands, honestly.”

She later claimed that Mast had been in contact with an ex, which made her jealous.

There were also similarities between the way Robby had been killed and the way Lindsay had been abused.

Where is Lindsay Haugen now?

Lindsay was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the murder of her boyfriend Robby Mast.

On June 23rd, 2016, at Yellowstone County District Court, Haugen was sentenced to 60 years inside the Montana State Women’s Prison for the death of Robby Mast.

She is still serving her sentence, despite her claims that it was a consensual deal. Her next possible parole date is not until 2030.



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