Where is Mani from The Rap Game now? Updates on the season 2 winner in 2020!

Budding rappers were seen spitting their best bars to get a contract in the hip hop industry.

It was on Lifetime show The Rap Game, which was also featured on Netflix, that hip hop mentor and Grammy winner Jermaine Dupri chose a winner to secure a record music contract in 2016. He had to pick one of five young rappers between 12 and 16 to win the contract with So So Def Recordings.

Since season 2, fans have wondered where winner Mani is. We done some research to get the latest on the rapper in 2020 and along the way, Reality Titbit found his Instagram and Youtube!

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Who is Mani?

Mani, also known as Lil Mani, is a 20-year-old rapper from Los Angeles, California. His success grew from starring on The Rap Game four years ago, which comes from following his mother Lacreshia Hoy’s musical footsteps. She is a former member of Queens of Compton, while his father is believed to be a former rapper.

Mani got into rapping during his childhood and was already a rapper by the time he reached his teenage years. Some of Lil Mani’s singles include ‘You Thought’, ‘Look at Me, Now Look at Chu’, ‘What Do You Know’, ‘Wavy’ and ‘Walk In’, which have gained several thousand views on social media platforms.

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Mani’s journey on The Rap Game

Mani went head-to-head with four other rappers on season 2 of The Rap Game and fought his way until the end, when it was between him and co-star Lil Key to be crowned the winner.

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Mani won and was offered a contract with So So Def Recordings, following a successful performance of ‘Look at Me, Now Look at Chu’, which had the audience cheering. He is known for his ‘new school’ freestyle rap style.

After winning the competition, he help up his medal and said: “You see this? Just soak in it, just soak in it.”

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Where is Mani now?

Since the show, Mani has released some new singles such as Gon 4 A Min, Different Cloth and El Gato, to name just a few. He has also started up his own entertainment brand Fly City Ent and is no longer signed to Def So So Recordings, which allegedly came down to creative differences.

In other business ventures, Mani has launched his own clothing line called Yung Millionaire. His net worth in September 2020 is reportedly $16,000.

You can watch Mani’s Youtube videos – which are mainly his music releases – at Mani Da Don.


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