Mind Your Manners is the latest Netflix show that has got people hooked, but where was this popular show filmed?

As the name suggests, the show focuses on teaching people manners they should be practicing when in public. While the show is quite different from the ones they have seen on Netflix, it is definitely not disappointing.

Sara Jane Ho, an etiquette coach, promises to take people on a “journey of self-discovery” once they enroll.

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Where is Netflix’s Mind Your Manners filmed?

As per The Cinemaholic, the show has been filmed in Australia, that is, New South Wales and Victoria.

The outlet reports that some of the scenes from the show have been filmed in La Porte Space, a co-working space located in the city.

Meanwhile, a couple of them have been filmed in SKYE Suites. The show has also made use of locations such as Jin Wu Koon Muay Thai Kickboxing and Kung Fu Academy.

As for the places in Victoria, the areas covered include Groomed to Go in Frankston and Caffe e Cucina.

What is the show about?

The show revolves around transforming people’s lives by allowing them to rediscover themselves while also learning about the social etiquette that is needed in order to be successful in life.

The best part about the show is that Sara focuses on people who come from different walks of life, that is, if you are a mother who wants to get back to working or someone who just wants to increase confidence, Sara has a solution for everything.

The show also gives tips and advice that people can apply to their personal life whenever they decide to take the next step into making their lives better.

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How many episodes are there?

There are six episodes on the show and they are currently available to watch on Netflix. Each episode follows the journey of a different client.

The first episode focuses on Stephanie, who wants to from being a party girl to channeling a more ‘lady-like’ appearance.

The second episode sees William who has been having some troubles in the dating department.

Following this, Raishel makes an appearance in episode three with the hope of getting some confidence boost, and episode 4 has Illiana who wants Sara’s help to transform her life after motherhood.

The fifth and sixth episodes of the show see Sara’s clients “elevate” themselves as they embark on a new journey in their lives.



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