Netflix: Where is Pet Stars filmed? Location of Pets On Q base explored!

Netflix’s latest fluffy series opens the doors of an animal media company called Pets On Q. But where is Pet Stars actually filmed?

Yes, you heard right – animals can be influencers. The talent management agency works with the pets themselves, as they take over social media.

Netflix has launched the adorable reality TV today (April 30th), where two pet-lovers Melissa and Colleen guide viewers through their unusual jobs.

If you have watched, and want to find out where you can go to turn your puppy into a social media sensation, here’s where Pet Stars was filmed.

Screenshot: Pet Stars | Official Trailer | Netflix YouTube

Where is Pet Stars filmed?

  • Los Angeles, California

Filming takes place at the talent management base of Pets On Q.

Although the company’s main base is in LA, the company also has a West Coast, Asia and Australian region sales specialist!

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The co-hosts regularly have sessions with clients, and look for new fluffy talent at events – such as the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.

The contest is held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California.

What is Pets On Q?

Pets On Q is a talent management company which organises influencer partnerships with animals.

The animal media firm and booking platform essentially helps pet owners to grow their animal’s social media following, which can lead to an income.

As revealed by the series, “cute and cuddly can bring big bucks”. Pets On Q is known as Hollywood’s biggest talent management company for animals.

Basically making people famous, one client reached a following of 185K followers with the help of the unique business!

Colleen, Melissa and the rest of the Pets On Q team set up photo shoots, cast animals for set work, and pitch talent to brands.

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Pets On Q headquarters: Explored

The Hollywood base of Pets On Q is heavily kitted out with coloured backdrops, animal props such as hoops and balls, and high chairs.

And the animals won’t go hungry, as there are dog and cat bowls in the corner! Plus, there are painted art of different pets on the walls.

Sometimes, the team venture out and take the animals elsewhere, such as walking a pig named Charlie down Sunset Boulevard, during a traffic jam.



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