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Where is Selling Tampa filmed? Netflix filming locations revealed

Any reality lover will know of the success of the reality real estate phenomenon Selling Sunset.

The Netflix show has been a huge hit and now we are being treated to even more drama, luxury and laughs. Today, Netflix will be uploading their new reality real estate show “Selling Tampa”. 

The show follows the same style as the ladies over on the West Coast. But with the new show, we are introduced to stunning waterfront properties, characters and even more glamour over 3000 miles – across the country in Florida.

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Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Where is Selling Tampa filmed?

The new series follows the Allure Realty Brokerage situated in Tampa Bay.

The new agents specialise in luxury waterfront homes in and around the coast of Tampa. The main office is on 7th Avenue in Tampa, however, most of the filming is done in and around local parks, coffee shops and restaurants. 

This area is known in Tampa as the ‘economic hub’ as it provides the perfect combination of luxury living and entertainment within the city. The team is said to have a substantial portfolio of grandiose and chic properties, so we are in for a treat!

Why not Miami?

Many reality lovers have been waiting for a new season like Selling Sunset, and we finally have it. But fans are already sceptical and questioning whether we will get to see any of Miami included.

The coastal metropolis city in Florida has the stereotype of luxury villas and stylish living. So why not film here? The programme is said to feature Miami, but it will not be based in the capital. This is simply because the properties are considered better and more sought after in Tampa.  

However, the ladies do film a couple of times in Miami throughout the series, mainly at the SLS South Beach Hotel for their work getaway which we will get to see throughout.

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“Love to see it”: What is Selling Tampa all about?

What makes this show so unique and why we are all excited is because of the all-female, all-black cast. This is the first reality show of its kind to focus on the female world of real estate. 

Fans have been going crazy with joy at the idea of an all-female cast, saying they “love to see it” on the show.

Many are pleased that the series shows how successful women can be in a male-dominated industry.

Selling Tampa airs from December 15th on Netflix, where you can binge all 8 episodes straight away. So sit back, relax and enjoy the drama.



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