Since the first season of 60 Days In landed on Netflix, the show – which originally aired three years ago on A&E – has recruited a whole new fanbase.

The docuseries sees real civilians sent into prison undercover as inmates to try and root out police corruption and problems within the jail.

The two seasons were set in Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

One of the most popular cast mates in the first season was Zac. So, who is Zac? Where is he now?

Screenshot: 60 Days In S1 E14 – Netflix

Who is Zac?

Zachary Baker was one of the participants in season 1 of 60 Days In.

Zac, who was originally from Knoxville, Tennessee went by the name ‘Zac Holland’ on the show to protect his identity.

He was a former US Marine who was still on reserve when he entered the undercover experiment. But Zac was going on the show to pursue a career as a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent.

He was one of the most popular participants of series 1.

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Zac on 60 Days In

Not only was Zac intrigued to see life on the other side of the law, he also wanted to complete the undercover experiment and spend 60 days in jail to sympathise with his wife, Ashleigh.

Ashleigh had her own struggles with addiction and alcohol abuse. She had even spent time in jail. Ashleigh later participated in season 2 of 60 Days In.


While the couple were on the show, they revealed that they were having some marital issues. But catching up with Zac and Ashleigh down the line, the couple look happier than ever!

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Screenshot: 60 Days In S1 E14 – Netflix

Where is Zac now?

The producers caught up with Zac at the end of the first season in a ‘where are they now?’ special. That was six months after shooting when Zac was struggling to find a career in the law enforcement. Not much is clear about what Zac has been doing over the past three years.

But we found Zac on Instagram @unashamedlyscared where he does not post updates on himself but more prank videos of him scaring his wife Ashleigh!

We also found Ashleigh and she posts lots of updates on the couple.

The couple are as loved up as they were on the show and have their two little sons, Gavin and Ryker.

You can check out Ashleigh on Instagram @unashamed1. She has nearly 20,000 followers on her IG account!




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