Where to find Las Chicas De Las Tres stall in Netflix's Street Food: Latin America!

The latest series we are drooling over is Netflix’s Street Food: Latin America, which captures the traditional tasty treats made in a group of countries, such as Buenos Aires and Brazil.

And as it showcases street food at its finest, one important dish is already becoming a fan favourite in Episode 1 – the stuffed tortilla full of cheese.

Chef Pado Rodriguez introduces her market stall in Buenos Aires to the beginning of the show. But viewers want to know exactly where they can try the famous cheesy tortilla… We done some digging to find out!

Screenshot: Las Chicas De La Tres Stuffed cheese tortilla, Episode 1 Street Food: Latin America, Netflix

Who runs the stall?

Chef Pato Rodriguez is renowned for her use of lots of cheese in her food. She said in Episode 1 that she wants to “be the best” at what she does, as the “market deserves the best”.

Pato’s family owned a shop near to the stall called El Bar de Pato, where she grew up cooking alongside her dad.

She is in a relationship with a woman called Romi, who she runs the stall alongside. At first, her family allegedly didn’t accept them as a couple, but have since come to terms with it.


Romi and me, I realised we are a good team. I asked her to come work with me in the shop. Romi came from a completely different world, she started her work life in a fast butching where they had high demands, where everything is very precise. At Pato’s place, it wasn’t like that.

Screenshot: Pato and Romi, Episode 1 Street Food: Latin America, Netflix

How was the stall given its name?

The stall had previously been named Lo De Pato became known as Las Chicas, which came to Pato’s attention when a woman touched her own face while trying the stuffed tortilla.

Pato said she “started crying” and became very emotional. Then she decided: “If she knows us by that name, then sure, that’s it.” So the stall immediately said goodbye to Lo De Pato, and became Las Chicas De Las Tres.

Where is the Las Chicas stall based?

Las Chicas De Las Tres, is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in its Central Market. It sits in Warehouse 3.

Pato regularly buys her fruit and vegetables from a place called Mercado Central De Buenos Aires, which is believed to be the same market.

One regular customer said: “It’s basically a stage in the middle of the Central Market, and Pato’s the main character.” The market brings in 700 trucks every day, according to its website.

The stall used to only sell pizza or panadas (a stale bread that is boiled) but now, Pato has branched out to other culinary foods, like cheese and meats.

You can follow Pato’s pizza-filled Instagram at @pizzaspatos – but her oozing Argentinian food is usually posted by cheese-lovers on social media…



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