Too Hot To Handle Germany has recently wrapped up its first series, so of course, we took to Instagram to see which couples are still together from the show.

Just like in the Too Hot to Handle series, the 12 single contestants were placed in a villa without realizing what show they were actually on. Of course, they soon released but that didn’t stop them from breaking the rules.

However, it seems like losing cash due to the rule breaks may have been worth it as we take a look at which Netflix Too Hot To Handle Germany couples are still together.

*Too Hot To Handle Germany spoilers below*

Are Too Hot To Handle Germany winners Kevin and Emely still together?

Yes, winners Kevin Njie and Emely Kopf are still together after taking home €86,000. 

Speaking to Glamour Germany, Emely revealed that the two had actually moved in together. “At first, we had a long-distance relationship… but now I’ve moved back to Germany and we live there together.”

Before this, Emely was based in Ibiza. Kevin revealed that he did go and see her whilst she was out there, but it must be a whole lot easier now they’re together and without Lana!

Sophie and Akka

Although Sophie said she didn’t feel a romantic spark between herself and Akka at the start of the show, the couple is actually still together.

Taking to Instagram Sophie posted a picture of the two with the caption: “Germany’s favorite reality TV couple” to which Akka replied: “My Barbie.”

It seems like you can escape the friend zone after all!

Stella and Tobias

These two had a connection straight away and even lost €14,000 due to their physical activities on the first night.

Although they hit a bump in the road when Tobias went on a date with Sophie, he ultimately decided to stay with Stella. Again, they lost money as this decision caused them to kiss and lose another €12,000.

After they got over this bump, Stella then joined two new castmates in the communal showers, causing another rift in the relationship, but again, they got through it.

It’s still unclear whether the couple has survived the outside world as they haven’t yet revealed whether or not they’re still together from the show.

However, they have been exchanging flirty comments on Instagram so it looks promising. On Tobias’ most recent post he wrote the caption: “May I take you out on a date?” to which Stella replied: “Yes you may.”


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