Kayla Richart was Too Hot To Handle season 4’s most desirable contestant but who does she end up with in the end?

All the episodes of the Netflix show are finally out. The first five came out on December 7 and the next five arrived on December 14.

The finale episode also announced the finalists and subsequently the winners of the brand-new season. However, despite the cast going through a rollercoaster ride, Kayla, the 22-year-old Instagram model from Los Angeles, remained one of the most talked about cast members.

A look at Kayla Richart’s journey on Too Hot To Handle

Kayla quickly became the most popular girl in the villa as season 4 of Too Hot To Handle started.

She went around flirting and even kissed Nigel in episode 2. The kiss cost the cast $3000 and it was for nothing – Nigel went on to flirt with Dominique.

In episode three, Kayla and Seb kissed for the first time as they sat on the bed together. Later that evening, the duo also shared a shower kiss. At this point, they had clearly coupled up.

Kayla began developing feelings for Seb but their relationship took a hit after the latter’s date with newcomer Flavia in episode 4.

Kayla’s heart is broken seeing Seb and Flavia hold hands as they walk into the villa after their beach date. However, this reveals that he didn’t kiss the new girl and all is good between them.

In episode 5, they once again broke the rules after having a shower together where they did the dirty.

Who does Kayla end up with in Too Hot To Handle season 4?

Kayla ends up with Seb at the end of season 4 of the Netflix show.

After Seb’s date with Flavia in episode 4, he and Kayla remain faithful to each other for the rest of the season. Kayla also turns down newcomer Shawn’s advances and sticks with her man.

The two also manage to break more rules after their $50,000 shower in episode 5.

However, the duo is yet to reveal if they are still together after the end of the show.

Who won Too Hot To Handle season 4?

The Too Hot To Handle season 4 winners are Nick, 28, and Jawahir, 22. Kayla and Seb were the two other finalists.

The couple wins the $89K prize in episode 10.

“The winning couple by six votes to one is Nick and Jawahir,” Lana announces in the finale, titled Growth is a Team Game.



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