Ali Harper on Selling The OC has a boyfriend of two years, a net worth we could only dream of, and is now joining season 2 of the popular Netflix show. So, who is Ali? We’ve got all you need to know…

She’s a pageant queen who juggled three jobs and even drove for Uber Eats. Southern Belle Alexandra Harper is the newest Oppenheim Group agent on Selling The OC. But she has another secret passion.

Who is Ali Harper?

Ali Harper joins the Selling The OC cast on Netflix. She and the real estate agents are all busy selling multi-million dollar listings in Orange County, but Ali is the newest, having lived there for a few months.

The 30-year-old was born and raised in Tennessee’s Williamson County, just outside of Nashville. Ali was crowned Miss Tennessee in 2017. Her LinkedIn page says she ranked in the top 10 of Miss USA.

She states Esther 4:14 in her bio on Instagram, suggesting she’s heavily focused on her faith. The agent-in-training is, as Polly Brindle says, here to “ruffle some feathers.”

Selling The OC star’s boyfriend

Ali Harper has a boyfriend of two years. Lucas is currently the vice president of a worldwide supply chain organization. According to Instagram, they met after being neighbors for several years.

They have a serious relationship and split their time between Nashville and Orange County. Luke often travels for work but is mainly based in Nashville, where her family also lives.

Ali and Lucas often go weeks apart in their long-distance relationship. She wrote, “Every day is a blessing with you! You are the best most exciting most wonderful person I’ve ever known.”

Ali’s got a huge net worth

Ali Harper has a net worth of $750K, The Cinemaholic reports. She competed for and won the title of Miss Tennessee USA in 2018 and finished in the Top 10 of Miss USA, all while working three jobs.

It also runs in the family. Ali’s mother also won Miss Tennessee in 1981. She’s also got a tech and journalism background. In August 2015, Ali became an Account Executive for Sinclair Broadcast Group.

She also joined Country Common as a Content Writer in November 2016, and a year later, joined the Music City cast as an actor. Main cast members on Selling The OC reportedly make $23,000 per episode. 


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