It’s an exciting week! Netflix is expanding its cast on Bling Empire with a new spinoff series set in the Big Apple, New York. Featuring the iconic Dorothy Wang, she will be joined by another six companions. For LGBTQ+ viewers, Blake’s casting has left viewers looking forward to the new season. Let’s find out more about who Blake Abbie is from Bling Empire: New York and if it’s on Instagram.

“New York City, I’m here!”

Bling Empire: New York will have Dorothy moving from Los Angeles to New York City – and she’s ready to give her everything. Not only is she there for business, but to find someone to fill her heart. However, she won’t be alone.

The star will be joined by a group of six other Asians or Asian Americans, also loving the lavish lifestyle and rich. One of them, Blake Abbie, has caught the attention after viewers found out he’s gender-fluid and identifies as queer. On his Instagram, Blake Abbie notes he prefers he/him pronouns. Not only that, but the star is estimated to have a net worth of almost $3 million.

Who is Blake Abbie?

Born on October 30, 1990, in Montreal, Canada, Blake Abbie was raised by his parents, June Wong Abbie and Robert Abbie, in Vancouver. He’s Chinese-Scottish, as his father is from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Abbie attended the University of British Columbia, where he studied music. After that, he went to Paris to continue his passion. However, his interest went from music to fashion after he worked as a photographer’s assistant.

Fast forward, Abbie is the editor-at-large of an arts and fashion publication called A Magazine Curated By. Not only that, but he’s also writing his first-ever script for television.

Blake appeared on Netflix’s hit series Meteor Garden

But why does he seem SO familiar?

Well, Blake was actually cast for the role of Thomas in the Chinese version of Meteor Garden, a popular TV franchise.

Produced by Netflix/Hunan TV, the series garnered five billion views in two months of release – and that was only in China. Abbie also appeared in the 2021 Tomorrow Will Be Fine, featuring Papi Jiang.

Is Blake Abbie on Instagram?

Yes, Blake Abbie is on Instagram, much like other Bling Empire: New York cast members. Fans can find him as @blakeabbie, where he boasts 46.1k followers ahead of the season premiere.

His Instagram is full of photos of himself, traveling around the world, and attending fashion shows.

The young actor also shared behind the scenes of his projects, including this upcoming one with Bling Empire.

Blake also seems to be a family man, as his mother and late father, and other family members, are featured in various publications.

The 32-old doesn’t appear to be in a relationship now, and there’s no record of him having any past romances publicly. However, it seems Blake is more interested in focusing on his career over being in a relationship.



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