Too Hot to Handle season three has finally dropped on Netflix and fans are tuning in for a whole bunch of drama, sex, and romance.

Part of the show’s premise is that the contestants don’t actually know that they are on Too Hot to Handle until they get there, and in total commitment to the ruse, Netflix even hires a fake presenter to break the news to the shocked competitors.

This year’s host is Dariany Santana, and here is everything you need to know about her…

Who is Dariany Santana?

Dariany Santana is the fake host on season three of Too Hot to Handle. Each season, the contestants are told that they are on a different show (of which Dariany was pretending to be the presenter) before it is revealed that they are, in fact, on Too Hot to Handle.

Following the release of the show, Dariany took to Twitter to describe her role as being “the biggest secret” she has ever had to keep.

Dariany is known for being a presenter and a cook and hosts her own show on Fuse called Struggle Gourmet, where is joined by a celebrity guest and they both cook lavish and expensive versions of the meals they ate before they were famous.

She has also featured on “Guy’s Big Project,” “Family Food Showdown,” “Culture Filter” on Fuse and as the host of “What’s Good In Your Hood” for Facebook Watch.

Dariany has a degree in Communications and Media Studies from Kean University, according to her LinkedIn profile.

You may have seen Dariany before…

Dariany has done red carpet work for DishStudios as well as one-on-one interviews with celebrities for a variety of brands, according to her SpeakEasy profile.

You may also recognise her from her comedy work as Dariany has featured in sketches for “Alternatino,” Bustle, and Complex. 

She also models, and her MMG profile describes her as being five foot eight with long brown hair and brown eyes.

Where is Dariany Santana from?

Dariany describes herself as equal parts New Jersey and Cuban, but she currently lives in Los Angeles.

Speaking about her Cuban heritage on Instagram, Dariany wrote: “To be Cuban-American is to have Cuba be your first love. Although not your birthplace, Cuba is the place that you consider your homeland. You exude Cuba’s undying beauty through your language, your music, your dancing, your food, your energy but you also carry Cuba’s pain.”

Dariany is the co-owner of a Cuban cafe called “Cha Cha Cha” in New Jersey, and it is ranked in Yelp’s top 50 restaurants in the state. The restaurant website states:

“Cha Cha Cha is a family run little Cuban Cafe located in the small town of Kenilworth, New Jersey. Born to owners Rafael Santana and his daughter Dariany Santana, Cha Cha Cha boast big flavor in a small venue.”

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