Dubai Bling welcomes notable Emirati DJ Marwan Al Awadhi, better known as DJ Bliss, as he continues his domination of the UAE music scene. Reality Titbit unpacks his journey to stardom and his net worth so far.

Dubai Bling? More like Dubai Bliss. The extravagant city is his oyster as a native and international recognition is his next step after becoming one of the biggest artists in the Middle East.

As he once said: “I want the DJ that got exported out of here.” Well, he’s nearly there with Dubai Bling plastering his face on Netflix.

Episode 2 documented his brief trip to a plastic surgery clinic amid concerns over his physique, which apparently isn’t ideal for his occupation. He needs rock-hard abs for when decides to rip his shirt off – you know, as DJ’s usually do, according to him.

He’s skipping the gym and opting for a shortcut, but Bliss’ wife, Danya aka Diva Dee, isn’t on board with the idea. Let’s meet the man who could be deceiving us with his six-pack.

DJ Bliss (Marwan Al Awadhi) in Dubai Bling season 1 episode 2
Screenshot from Netflix player – Dubai Bling S1 E2

DJ Bliss’ teen DJ days have transformed his net worth into the millions

Bliss, real name Marwan Parham Al Awadhi, is the only Dubai Bling star to be born and raised in the city, home to nearly 68K millionaires.

As the middle child of five siblings, the DJ was determined to carve his own path, straying away from traditional cultural expectations.

He recognized his musical potential during his teen school days, which led to learning the artistry of mixing. Family pressures, however, forced him to a career with a multinational tobacco company, but he returned back to music after a year.

Whilst studying at Dubai Polytechnic College around 2001, he scored a guest DJ spot for Radio 1 Dubai on and Bliss progressed up the ranks and by 2006, was offered the breakfast show.

By the late 2000s, he was able to book the hottest international DJs at the time, including Mos Def and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Now at 41 years old, Marwan has performed with the likes of Kanye West, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé. His estimated net worth isn’t too shabby either; it’s reportedly $1 million.

Check out Bliss’ latest songs: Eminad (Daya), Yalla Walla, and Hala Walla.

He shares two kids with wife Danya “Diva Dee” Mohammed

When he’s not at the DJ booth, he’s spending time with his wife and two kids. Bliss and Danya married in March 2015 in a celebration with about 600 guests, but the bride only knew 50 of them.

Danya is a public figure in her own right, working as a YouTuber and social media influencer under the moniker, Diva Dee. At the time of writing, she boasts 118K subscribers – follow her channel for all things beauty and makeup.

Check out her adorable family moments with her four-year-old son Zayed, and two-year-old daughter Meera.



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