Fahad Siddiqui joins Netflix’s latest reality TV series Dubai Bling, which follows the lives of rich Arabs who are no stranger to luxury cars, fashion shows and exotic seaside resorts. Let’s get to know Fahad and his net worth.

Following the success of shows with expensive taste, like Bling Empire and Selling Sunset, Dubai Bling has already accumulated a huge amount of viewers eager to see how millionaires live it up in their social circles.

So, who is Fahad and how did he make his huge fortune? We already know he is married to co-star Safa, but let’s get to know more about his personal background – from his riches to his family.

Who is Fahad Siddiqui?

Fahad is a businessman from an influential Indian family. He tied the knot with his wife Safa in October 2019 and welcomed their now-two-year-old daughter, Alina, the very next year.

Originally from Mumbai, Maharashtra, he moved to Dubai where he met Safa. She said on Dubai Bling that she had been engaged a few times before meeting him, and now works as a “retired housewife.”

Fahad wanted to have a second child, whereas his wife was entirely opposed to it. She decided to compromise by going down the surrogacy route, before telling him she wanted to wait a few years for another baby.

Dubai Bling star’s net worth

Having searched for potential new homes on Dubai Bling and as the owner of a luxurious sports car, Fahad’s net worth is thought to be between $180,000 to $800,000. Safa has a net worth of $180,000, Arabian Business reports.

He was introduced as an “enterprising and highly successful husband” on the Netflix show.

His family business Siddiqui Group of Companies do bathroom interior design work. Safa, on the other hand, is believed to earn $40,000 a year, given the number of followers she has on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Safa has recently entered the fashion designing field, while her connections and wealth have reportedly boosted her earnings, which are likely to be around $100,000, as per Cinemaholic.

However, Arabian Business says that most of the Dubai Bling cast members are valued at between $180,000 and $800,000. Ebraheem Al Samadi, Loujian Adada, along with Kris and Brianna Fade, are the show’s millionaires.

Inside Fahad’s successful career

Fahad is the managing director of his agency, Indo Rise General Trading LLC, which has been open since 2012, and was previously the executive director of his family enterprise based in Mumbai, India.

The self-employed businessman’s family business Siddiqui Group of Companies ran from August to December 2011, as per his LinkedIn page. Before leading the firm, he worked in sales at Orbit Corporation Limited, from 2010 to 2011.

He was also the executive director in business development in his family company, from June 2006 to June 2010. Fahad got his education by graduating with a bachelor in commerce from H.R. College of Commerce & Economics.



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