Spoilers: Model Gabby joins Is She The Wolf’s Netflix cast, hoping to find a partner. She ended up having a romance with Taiju, whom viewers were rooting for. Throughout, Gabby “followed her heart.”

Five men and five women went on several dates, but among them were a few ‘wolves’ who weren’t allowed to fall in love. Gabby was one of the ten participants. And although she didn’t quite get the outcome she entered for, the Netflix star stuck to her true feelings the whole time.

Gabby looks to her left at co-star smiling.
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Who is Gabby on Is She The Wolf?

Gabby on Is She The Wolf’s Netflix cast is a model. The 26-year-old is from Tokyo and is of Japanese-American ethnicity. She is a model from Tencarat agency and has a whopping 98K followers on Instagram!

She was recently on Nail Venus as the magazine’s cover model. The 6ft 1in model has become close friends with her Is She The Wolf co-stars, and developed a romance with Taiju on the show.

Gabby was torn between her feelings for Taiju and potentially upsetting his bond with Honoka. It comes after Honoka asked Taiju and Gabby to pose while spending time with Tomoki.

Netflix star is a model

Model Gabby has a long list of modeling experience. At the age of 16, she moved to Tokyo alone to pursue her dream of becoming a model. She is mainly working as an exclusive model for JJ Kobunsha.

The popular model overcame the language barrier, poverty, and bullying she experienced in her childhood, as per With Kondasha. She has walked for Rakuten Girls Award 2023’s spring collection!

In the show, Gabby and Honoka chose Taiju. Gabby talked to Honoka, stating that while she would not stop following her heart, she did not want to do so at the cost of damaging her connection with Honoka.

She also said she wanted her to know that she would indeed pursue the kickboxer. Gabby then used the MOON line to ask Taiju on a private date, where the two spent quality time together.

Gabby asked Taiju to be her companion in Hokkaido, Japan, for her photoshoot. However, after completing the task, Taiju clarified to Gabby that his affection was still mainly with Honoka.

Fans rooted for Gabby and Taiju

Gabby and Taiju developed a romance on the show, but he ended up choosing Honoka Nishimura as his partner, who was not a lying wolf. However, Gabby and Taiju follow each other on Instagram.

One fan said: “#isshethewolf Even if Gabby wasn’t my first pick either I think if I was in Taiju’s shoes I think I would have fallen for her purely out he sheer dedication.”

Another penned: “Damn it I was rooting for Taiju and Gabby what the… #isshethewolf.”

“Gabby, I’m rooting for you and Taiju. You have chemistry. I hope you and Taiju are the end game in real life. I can’t deny the chemistry!” commented a viewer.


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