Netflix’s latest baking show Sugar Rush: Extra Sweet has had viewers drooling at their screens since it first aired Season 3.

Since hitting our screens on Friday July 31, pairs of bakers were seen going head-to-head (or more like cake-to-cake) with their skills – against the ticking timer.

And while fans are pleased to see that judges Hunter March, Candace Nelson and Adriano Zumbo are back again, they are joined by a new guest judge during every episode.

But one of the most popular is Tyler Posey – but who is he? What are the latest updates on his life? Find out everything you need to know below!

tyler posey sugar rush
Screenshot: Tyler Posey on Sugar Rush, Episode 4: Blackout, Netflix

Who is Tyler Posey?

Tyler, 28, is best known for his acting role as Scott McCall in Teen Wolf. He recently starred in Sugar Rush: Extra Sweet on Netflix as a guest judge on Episode 4, Season 3.

He is Cyndi Posey and actor John Posey’s son. His mother sadly died of breast cancer in 2014 – Season 5 of Teen Wolf was dedicated to Cyndi in her memory.

Tyler is also a member of rock band Five North (Instagram @fivenorthofficial) but was previously the front and guitar player for ex-band Disappearing Jamie. Amongst the films he’s starred in include Collateral Damage, Maid in Manhatten, and Truth or Dare.

And his talents don’t stop there – he won the 2017 Teen Choice Award for Male Choice Summer TV Actor.

Fans react to Tyler Posey on Sugar Rush: Extra Sweet

When Tyler appears as a guest judge on the Netflix show, bakers were told to make cakes for a ‘black tie’ event.

The actor was challenged when judge Hunter March said nobody in Sugar Rush history had ever eaten all four cupcakes, four confections and all of the cakes in one go.

But Tyler really did make history when the Sugar Rush challenge was presented to him.

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tyler posey sugar rush
Screenshot: Tyler Posey on Sugar Rush, Episode 4: Blackout, Netflix

Viewers could not contain their astonishment when they saw Tyler shove multiple cupcakes in his mouth at once.

While the other judges took a bite or two of the cake, he asked: “Do I have to be elegant or can I just go for it?”, and alas, he did not hold back. He ate a full cupcake made by each pair of bakers. What a cupcake king.

At one point, he even admitted he didn’t eat the paper on the cupcake – but Hunter said the cake still counts.

The guest judge on Instagram: Updates in 2020

Tyler regularly shows off dogs Jack and Roxy. He is also a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and urges followers to click on a link to educate themselves on racism in America.

He appears to spend most of his time with his fellow band mates. They released a music film more than nine minutes long on their latest single This Mess. And on Sugar Rush, he admitted he has just started baking!

Tyler is allegedly dating Sophia Ali, a 25-year-old actress, and was seen celebrating Christmas with her last year. In 2016, he reportedly dated actress Bella Thorne for several months.



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