With the new season of Too Hot to Handle just around the corner, fans have got lots of questions about the new cast member and self-proclaimed Harry Styles look alike, Harry. Yes, ironically his name is also Harry.

Harry is one of the nine new singles staying in the infamous Turks and Caicos villa in hopes of getting his hands on the grand prize, and perhaps a kiss or two with the girls (if he cannot resist any temptations).

So, who is this charming tree-surgeon? We dug deep and found out all we could on Too Hot to Handle’s Harry Johnson, so let’s take a look at his Instagram and background.

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix
Harry Johnson – Too Hot to Handle

Who is Harry from Too Hot to Handle?

Harry is a 29-year-old tree surgeon from northern Yorkshire town, Middlesbrough, UK. Aside from doctoring trees, he is also a part-time model and uses his rouged good looks for a pretty decent side hustle.

The Netflix star is known to his friends and family for being very spontaneous. He moved to London a week after announcing to his mom that he met a girl on a holiday in Ibiza.

This didn’t last, however, and fans are hoping he will bring the same spontaneity to entertain us on Too Hot to Handle.

Known for his infectious laugh and gripping personality, harry is also known on his social media for getting his kit off for his followers whenever he can.

He is very active on his Instagram and mainly posts pictures from his modelling jobs and campaigns as well as his travels.

Harry is an avid traveller

Aside from curing sick trees and posing in his pants, Harry has another important passion in life, travel.

His Instagram is teeming with pictures from his various adventures all across the globe, ranging from European countries to further across the globe like Dubai and Thailand.

Harry loves to immerse himself in different cultures but mainly travels to these amazing locations for the parties, spending most of his summers in the usual party spots such as Marbella and Zante.

*Spoiler alert*: Harry Johnson was fined and prize fund “frozen”

After wrapping up filming for season three in February last year, Harry almost didn’t make it home as he was fined along with co-stars Beaux Greenslade and Matthew Mawhinney for their “disgraceful” behaviour on the plane.

The boys were reportedly fined for not only refusing to wear their masks but for swearing at other passengers and flight attendants, with Greenslade calling one of the passengers the c-word.

Although Harry was said to have played less of a part than the others, they were all said to have been drinking mojitos before the flight and Mawhinney was overheard saying he was “f***ed up”.

The three contestants were fined over £2,000 for their behaviour and further had their prize fund frozen.



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