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Who is Izzy from Too Hot to Handle, the self-proclaimed "rule breaker"?

With a brand new season of Too Hot to Handle coming soon to Netflix, fans want to know all about the nine new cast members, especially self-proclaimed “rule breaker” Izzy Fairthorne.

It is the dating show where several singles have to try to resist their passionate temptations, with the hope of winning a $200K cash prize pot. The ultimate test has seen many unable to put money before their desires in previous seasons.

From her Instagram to job, we found out everything you need to know about the new Too Hot to Handle star…

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Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Too Hot To Handle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix
Izzy Fairthorne – Too Hot to Handle

Who is Izzy Fairthorne?

22-year-old Izzy is the youngest of the new contestants to appear on the show and comes from Cheltenham, UK.

According to E!News, she is currently working as a personal trainer. Apart from getting people into shape, she is often seen grabbing the boys’ attention, which we will see on Too Hot to Handle.

Izzy says she has been this way forever, and claimed she would often get in trouble at boarding school for sneaking off with the boys – she should fit perfectly into the villa then.

When Izzy isn’t chasing boys, you can find her chasing a hockey stick. Izzy has been an avid hockey player since school and continues to play now with it being one of her favourite hobbies, even representing the women’s team in Wales.

Izzy is a fitness fanatic

Aside from her personal Instagram account, Izzy has her own fitness Instagram for her personal training business, HIFitness. The account showcases her work done with clients and inspires others to join her on her journey.

Izzy posts videos and pictures of workout routines and exercises showing her followers how to tone their bodies and get into shape.

Posts also include client transformation pictures and her account provides a link to her booking system for future potential clients.

Having only started her personal training business in September, Izzy is smashing it and is set to continue doing so. With some more exposure during her Netflix appearance, it’s likely her business could grow.

Izzy talks Too Hot to Handle

Before coming on the show, Izzy admitted she is a heartbreaker, saying she has dated many boys in the past but is yet to have a proper boyfriend. The show could potentially change that, but we have to watch and see!

When it comes to dating, the British beauty said she likes “giving boys a taste of their own medicine” and said she’s “a player on the hockey field and a player in the bedroom.”

The 22-year-old is, of course, hoping to win the Too Hot to Handle grand cash prize and said, “I’m a winner. There is no time for losing around here, ever.”



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