Katarina Wittich joins the experts on Sex, Love and Goop, an intimacy series on Netflix led by actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

She is the family constellations expert who helped Sera and Dash through their relationship, by looking at their negative patterns of behavior.

There are an entire group of relationship and sex experts on the series, including Gwyneth, Jaiya, Darshana, Michaela and Amina.

Katarina appears in just one episode, leaving viewers interested in what services she has to offer. We found more on what she does for a living.

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Sex, Love & goop | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sex, Love & goop | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Katarina Wittich?

Katarina Wittich has been better known as Kato since she was little.

Her job roles involve being a certified Rosen practitioner, Yuen practitioner, family constellations facilitator and conscious dance facilitator.

Previously, she worked in the film industry, but had to leave that job after getting quite ill during her thirties.

Her journey toward helping others find more whole lives began when growing up poor in New York without access to nature or nurturing foods.

From the age of two, Katarina broke bones regularly and had frequent accidents, before she became ill from “mercury toxicity”.

When she found the Rosen Method, her life began to change, which has led her to become the expert she is today!

Katarina’s services explored

Katarina now offers a range of services, much like on Sex Love and Goop when she helped Sera and Dash work through negative behaviors.

The expert offers Rosen sessions, a form of massage designed to match and meet the tension in your body.

For a family constellations session, several clients will focus on an issue blocking them from living fully.

The group assists to uncover what the past source might be.

Admission is free for those who want to witness or wish to participate as representatives, but you can contact Katarina for rates to get involved.

Family constellation: How to access

Katarina runs an active Family Constellations group that gathers every other week in northeast Los Angeles..

However, her website states: “Family Constellations are currently paused until it is safe to gather again once Covid is less active.

“There will be some online gatherings for Integration Constellations, so join the email list for notifications.”

You can join the email list by filling out a form, which also allows you to be added to the waiting list for an in-person constellation.

If you fancy moving to music, the Netflix star also runs a Friday Night FUNk class, a dance gathering that run by the community every week.

Katarina has revealed that her waiting list for new clients is long, so those eager to access her services may not be able to get a quick appointment.



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