Kelly Mi Li finds herself eating ramen with a man called John on Bling Empire season 3. It is all thanks to her best friend Kane Lim, who set up a dating profile for his Netflix co-star. So, who is John?

Some viewers may have thought it was the end for Kelly and John, after she asked if chivalry is dead when John didn’t immediately offer to pay the bill. Kelly said she would cover it, but John then put his own offer in.

However, John seemed to redeem himself when he travelled all the way to Kelly and Kane’s holiday in Mexico, to take her on a second date. Although Kelly is a “hopeless romantic”, their bond didn’t go much further once filming ended.

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Who is John on Bling Empire?

John Albaugh, from Wilhemina, is a model, business owner and artist. He is the founder of Made by Primates, a digital art company that he launched in 2017, as well as web art series The Stables comic.

After Kane set up a dating profile for Kelly, John spent several days speaking to who he believed to be her, but was actually Mr. Lim being a catfish. Fast-forward to his second date with Kelly, and he said he had left a finance job for art.

Based across Mavrick and Los Angeles, he even jetted all the way to Mexico on Bling Empire to see if anything romantic could happen between him and Kelly. Since then, John has remained good friends with Kane.

Kelly and John didn’t make it official

Both Kelly and John went their separate ways after their second date, despite appearing to have an initial bond. Since filming for season 3 wrapped, Kelly has gotten into a new relationship, and the same has happened in John’s life.

Although she had not yet introduced her friends to her new man during filming, the star revealed he is Chinese and described him as “amazing”. Kelly is now off the market and claims she has “finally found love”.

Meet season 3 star on Instagram

John, who has just over 1K followers on Instagram and is followed by Kane, is very active on social media. He is also now in a relationship with celebrity make-up artist Cagne Mitchell, who he made it official with in June.

Based in Los Angeles, he appears to do several modelling shoots, and has showcased some of his art, which includes doing pixel art for well-known games such as Minecraft, as well as a web comic he launched in 2020.

He follows Kelly on Instagram, but does not follow him back. Jokily describing himself as a “snack van” on the platform, John has also spoken about being a digital artist, model and business owner on a Wilhemina Chicago live IG takeover.



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