Dubai Bling‘s Kris Fade has dominated the radio scene, from Australia to the UAE, so get to know more about the devoted husband and father.

We’ve got Dubai Bling cast members from California, London, Lebanon, and India, so the only thing missing is an Aussie to round out the group. Oh wait, Kris Fade is here to fill the void – try not to fall in love with his accent.

Kris is Dubai’s number-one radio host and an entrepreneur. The reality star arrived in the UAE about 14 years ago with $3500 USD in his pocket and is now one of the show’s “self-made millionaires”. Let’s take a look at how Kris went from a barista to a major Dubai celeb with a multi-million net worth.

Kris and Brianna Fade in Dubai Bling season 1
Screenshot from Netflix player – Dubai Bling S1 E1

Dubai Bling’s Kris Fade: Rise from car washer to UAE’s biggest radio host

We’ve heard his Australian accent on the radio and Kris is now taking over Netflix – there’s just no escaping. Fans can see that his fun-loving personality on-air is his true self in everyday life as Dubai Bling documents his new chapter with his fiancée Brianna.

He was raised in Sydney

Born on February 27, 1980, he moved to Australia from Lebanon at a young age and was raised in Sydney. He studied business and marketing at Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham, so radio hosting wasn’t a career he expected.

“I tried to find myself,” the 42-year-old explained on the show. “Made coffees, I was a barista, I used to wash cars, I cleaned toilets, and then I accidentally fell into radio.”

Kris replaced his boss who got fired – the same person who refused to put him on air

Kris worked as a promotional driver at Sydney’s Edge 96.1 radio station, before scoring a hosting gig. Ironically, he replaced his boss who got fired, the same person who told him he’d never make it on air.

He was only meant to stay in Dubai for two years

Years on, Kris is the mastermind behind Virgin Radio Dubai’s breakfast radio show, The Kris Fade Show. The entire radio station didn’t exist until he launched it in 2008. He intended to stay in the city for just two years, but the success has made Dubai his base.

Kris owns a child-friendly snack and vitamins company

Other than waking up the nation daily, he is the founder of Fade Fit, a lifestyle brand focused on healthy snacks and vitamins. The company launched a tennis academy in January 2021, and an apparel line is in the works.

His net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

He tied the knot with wife Brianna in March 2022

Kris and Brianna (née Ramirez) married in an extravagant ceremony at Dubai’s Ritz Carlton on March 22, attended by his Dubai Bling castmates.

The couple has been together for about eight years, during which they launched Fade Fit together. She is the company’s brand manager, so they’ve had to find a good work balance in their relationship.

Mexican-American Brianna is also stepmother to his two daughters: 12-year-old Zahra, and Ariani, who is age 10. They go by the nickname Noushie and Kikki.



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