Brand new Netflix series Is She the Wolf? dropped on Netflix this September and now fans want to know more about the show’s cast, including Sakurako Okubo. She is one of the Netflix series’ ladies and therefore one of the cast members that is potentially ‘the wolf’.

Mikako, Gabby, Robin and the rest of the show’s Netflix stars are all mingling already. Episode 1 sees Sakurako connecting with another actor. The duo are described as “pure” on the show and share the same feelings about manners as Sakurako explains that treating wait staff badly is a “turn-off” for her.


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Meet Sakurako Okubo

Sakurako Okubo is an actress and a Netflix show contestant.

She’s 25 years old, but was 24 during filming for Is She the Wolf?.

Sakurako hails from Japan and was born in Kanagawa Prefecture on July 20, 1998.

The Netflix star landed her breakout role in 2017 Japanese drama Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

After rising to fame in the role of Hammie/Chameleon Green, she has gone on to appear in movies and miniseries.

Sakurako Okubo on Instagram

Sakurako may be a newcomer to Netflix but she’s no stranger to fame as she has an Instagram following of 185k.

Find the Is She the Wolf? star on Instagram at @sakurako.official.

Sakurako often takes to the ‘gram to share snaps of herself enjoying vacations, cooking, spending time with friends, and posting some photos of her in her latest acting roles.

Sakurako, Robin and Tomoki

As Is She the Wolf launches, Sakurako appears to make a connection early on.

She first seemed to get along well with Tomoki, who was 23 years old. Episode 1 saw him give her his cologne during a challenge and she opted to wear it in order to get to know him more. During the episode, they both agreed they’re “pretty shy people.”

However, Robin, 32, later caught Sakurako’s attention. By episode 3, the show’s narrators say that she’s “definitely fallen for Robin.”

However, Sakurako hasn’t “explicitly said this” herself. Things get even more complicated when Robin forms a connection with someone else in the group, singer-songwriter Julie.


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