Since Extreme Engagement dropped on Netflix on Friday, July 12th, the couple at the centre of the show have become official ‘couple goals’.

The show sees PJ Madam and Tim Noonan spend a year travelling across the globe, learning of the secrets to a successful marriage from a variety of different cultures.

And although PJ’s career as a TV presenter and journalist is touched upon in the show, we wanted to find out more about the man behind the camera.

Here is everything you need to know about Tim Noonan, from his family life to where he got his start in the world of television.

Screenshot: Extreme Engagement S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Extreme Engagement’s Tim Noonan?

38-year-old Tim is a cameraman, journalist and multiple award-winning filmmaker.

Not much is known about Tim’s family background, but he does touch on his family life in episode 7 of Extreme Engagement. his parents separated when he was nine and he went on to have some self-professed “daddy issues”.

But it’s unsurprising that Tim ended up working in the industry he did, as his father was an executive producer for TV.

Tim landed himself a place at the Griffith Film School in Queensland, Australia, where his serious journey as a filmmaker began.

Tim Noonan: Career

After he left the Griffith Film School, Tim explored the possibility of becoming a ‘one-man film crew’.

He started to shoot, direct, present and edit his own stories, and became increasingly interested with true stories and documentary.

Tim began as a self-shooting reporter for its current affairs program, Sunday Night which is where we think he met bride-to-be PJ Madam, as she was also working as a presenter on the show.

Whilst working at Sunday Night, he started to receive accolades for his work. He was a finalist for a Kennedy ‘Journalist of the Year’ Award and won two Walkleys for his cinematography.

Boy To Man

Boy To Man was Tim Noonan’s first solo endeavour.

In this 12-part series – which was globally successful – he ventured across the world to undergo some of the most challenging coming of age rituals, to learn what it takes to ‘become’ a man. And in the process, he broke a few ribs and returned with a few new piercings.

Some of the more extreme male initiation ceremonies included shark wrestling and snake-catching… no wonder PJ calls Tim Tarzan!

After the success of Boy To Man and Tim’s return to Australia, he and PJ set up Wildman Films in 2016, the co-owned production company behind Extreme Engagement.

Screenshot: Extreme Engagement S1 E7 – Netflix

Does Tim have Instagram?


Tim has nearly 10,000 followers on his Instagram @timnoonantvwhere he shares snaps of his travels, the extreme activities he’s taken part in, plus (of course) snaps of him and PJ!

PJ also has an Insta, where she regularly posts updates on the couple. You can join PJ’s Insta following here @pjmadam.

They also have a specific Insta page for the TV show, which you can follow @extremeengagement.