Paul from Love is Blind began dating Wendi Kong after Micah Lussier. He left Micah at the altar after realizing he didn’t want to marry her, but what actually went on following the Netflix series?

As Netflix subscribers get digging into what the Love is Blind season 4 cast is up to nowadays, many would have discovered that Paul began dating someone after he said no to marrying Micah Lussier.

So, who did Paul date? We got to know Wendi Kong, the lady in question whom he developed a connection with after his dating journey on-screen, and what happened between them.

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Paul said no to Micah

Paul decided not to marry Micah at the Love is Blind altar but it wasn’t the end for the former couple. They actually briefly dated after the Netflix show until they called things off for good.

It came after Paul revealed he did not see himself marrying Micah in ten years as he didn’t see her as a motherly figure. While he loved Micah, he didn’t think they were ready to make that commitment to each other.

He revealed that he began dating another Love is Blind star in an interview with E! News. He said, “There was another girl Wendi, the aerospace engineer. I talked to her a lot. I had an insane connection with her.”

He connected with Wendi Kong

Wendi Kong, a 29-year-old from Seattle, didn’t get much airtime on the Netflix reality series, but once Paul connected with her out outside the pods, he said they were “too compatible” which made it feel “almost too much.”

Paul said though the pair went on a few dates after Love Is Blind, they were never exclusive and didn’t develop a relationship. Paul said this was in part because they were too similar.

“I like myself, but I don’t know if I like myself that much that I want to marry myself,” he revealed. Paul and Wendi now follow each other on Instagram and appear to be on good terms after dating.

Paul is a Love is Blind fan favorite

Throughout the series and following his decision not to marry Micah, Love is Blind fans have supported him after he was quizzed by Vanessa Lachey. Many respect his final walk-off and left him their views on Instagram.

One fan wrote: “You and Micah did not fit, period. I don’t know why you putting the brakes on something has been demonized so much. You did both of you guys a favor 👏.”

Another penned: “I knew exactly what you meant about the nurturing comment. You explained it clearly and perfectly. People be crazy but you were my fave the entire season.”

“You were amazingly composed, thoughtful, and reasonable throughout the reunion,” commented a follower.


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