Who was the winner of Metal Shop Masters on Netflix?

Metal Shop Masters pits seven fabricators against each other in a competition where they are tasked with displaying their best metalworking skills in pieces of art.

Comedian, Jo Kay is the host and the judges are Stephanie Hoffman and David Madero both of whom are well-known fabricators that have public works of art in various locations.

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Not only does the winner get the accolade of being ‘Metal Shop Master’ but they also take home a tidy sum of $50,000 dollars.

Read on to find out who won!

What is Metal Shop Masters?

Metal Shop Masters follows seven of the best welders in America as they compete in weekly challenges ranging from making “robots to road warriors”.

These iron men and women battle it out against the clock in difficult constructions which vary from humongous one-of-a-kind grills to futuristic cars which are judged based on form and function over the course of six episodes.

Who won Metal Shop Masters?

American metal artist, Thomas Patsis was victorious in being crowned ‘Metal Shop Master’ as well as a grand prize of $50,000 dollars. When it was announced that he had won Patsis gushed: “It could be a rock right now and it would be special to me, but this is way cooler than the money” while he admired his trophy.

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Ivan came in second place saying: “I had an absolutely wonderful time doing this show. I mean I wouldn’t trade a day of this, it’s been great and I’ve made a whole new family who I’m going to be keeping in touch with the rest of my life I know that”.

Patsis is a full-time artist and designer who previously built 330mph race cars. Owning his studio, ‘Cold Hard Art’ since January 2008, he creates scaled vehicles, replicas, trophies, awards and sculptures.

Patsis is married to wife, Amanda and they share one child together, Luna.

Twitter reacts to the winner of Metal Shop Masters

While another user tweeted their disappointment with the result: “Leah on Metal Shop Masters was robbed. Way to go @netflix
for sending home the woman instead of the man who purposefully misinterpreted the challenge.”

Another user shared the same view: “I was thinking the exact same thing. Her original idea was well thought out but the dude outright wasted 10hrs of their time. Not counting the hours that Leah spent contemplating the dude’s incompetence.”

But Reality Titbit found that viewers did agree on one thing which was their dislike of both the host and the judges.

While another user wrote: “Watching this “Metal Shop Masters” on @netflix and the judges are the most condescending people I have ever seen, the briefs are not explained well, and overall I am about to throw something through my TV at how terrible and shitty this show is to the contestants”.

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