*WARNING: Snack Vs Chef spoilers ahead*

Netflix’s new cooking competition, Snack Vs Chef, premiered all eight episodes last night, so who wins the grand title and the $50,000 prize?

Unless you’ve just devoured a large meal or stocked up on unhealthy goodies, we don’t recommend you tuck into Snack Vs. Chef. Otherwise, your stomach’s going to growl through entire episodes.

Netflix’s latest mouth-watering series sees 12 talented chefs go head-to-head to win $50,000 with their inventive creations using iconic snacks.

From Oreos to Hot Cheetos, the competitors are required to create original and complex recipes for judges Ali Bouzari, and Helen Park. It’s similar to Buzzfeed’s Make It Fancy, but the stakes are considerably higher.

After eight delectable rounds, who took home the grand prize?

Lauren Jude cooking on Snack Vs Chef E4
Screenshot from Netflix player – Snack Vs Chef E4 Oreo

Who wins Snack Vs Chef season 1?

The finale episode saw Lauryn Bodden and Sandy Dee Hall compete to create a snack of the future.

Using skills learned from the past eight episodes, the finalists were free to whip up their snack of choice. Helen suggested mixing “new with the familiar” to create a treat that made them “wonder how they ever lived without it”.

Influenced by her love of the Italian staple, the recipe developer conjured up cavatelli amatriciana in bite-sized form.

The famous dish, with origins from Amatrice, consists of cavatelli (small pasta shells) and an addictive sauce mostly made of tomato, parmesan cheese, and guanciale – Italian cured pork cheek.

Her crunchy pasta shells slathered with tomato and bacon powder were a hit against Sandy’s sustainable ginger, carrot, and maple popcorn.

Pastables snack from Snack Vs Chef
Screenshot from Netflix player – Snack Vs Chef E8 The Finale

Where is the winner now?

Lauryn currently works as a recipe developer, culinary producer, and private chef. She’s also a cook for the Sailing Collective Travel Co and shares her tips on The Spruce Eats, Delish, and Simply Recipes.

Other than winning $50,000 on Snack Vs Chef, Lauryn walked away with a brilliant business idea and partner, thanks to Sandy. They are co-founders of S’noods, an upcoming pasta noodle snack flavored with upcycled ingredients – a combination of their final creations.



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