The winner of the Physical 100 challenges in episodes 1 and 2 have given fans an insight into who could win the entire Netflix competition. It was down to two contestants in the pre-quest challenge in the first episode.

A pre-quest challenge involved hanging from a bar for as long as possible, while the floor beneath them opened up to reveal a swimming pool. There were different techniques, such as hanging from armpits or holding on by hand.

Then, each contestant was tasked with fighting an opponent. First up was Agent H and Kim Kyung-jin to have a brawl on the sand, while their fellow competitors watched them. But who won the Physical 100 task?

Who won the Physical 100 challenges?

Kim Kung Jin faced Singles Inferno star Cha Hyun-seung in the one-on-one death match in the first two episodes. It was a tough battle but in the end, it was the latter who came out on top, and Kim was eliminated.

He said he chose to battle Hyun-seung as he had a smaller frame than him. The pre-quest challenge wasn’t won by Contestants who won the Physical 100 tasks in episodes 1 and 2 are:

Netflix fans guess who wins Physical 100

The majority of the Physical 100 contestants are fearful of Agent H, who had a brawl in episode 2. Viewers are yet to find out if he won but many already reckon he’ll win the entire competition.

One viewer wrote their guess on Twitter: “My money is on Agent H, or the 18 yo, or the Olympic gymnast. This is an amazing line up Physical: 100. @netflix.

Several other fans are simply hoping a woman wins the series. “One of the girlies better end up being the winner of this show,” penned a viewer after watching the first two episodes.

“Agent H, I mean Daddy H better win or I AM GONNA LOSE IT PHYSICAL 100,” wrote a fellow viewer.

Episodes 3 and 4: What to expect

Bodybuilder Kim Chun-ri goes against the MMA fighter Park Hyung-geun, while Kim Sangwook has a fight with BULKKUP. We also get to find out whether Agent H won his fight, which began to be shown during episode 2.

Both Agent H and the farmer Kim Kung Jin are seen in the audience watching the fights, but the fights were not filmed in the same order they aired. Yun Sun-bin chooses his opponent during the upcoming episodes.

Fitness YouTuber Shim Eu-ddeum goes against Singaporean actress Elaine in a fight, and in another scene, prison guard Park Jung-ho fights national team wrestler Nam Kyung-jin.

Shin Dong-guk is the opponent of MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon. Shin, while holding a ball, offers to make a suggestion before the two shake hands ahead of the brawl.



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