Have you seen Too Hot to Handle season 3 yet? If not, beware because this article contains some pretty juicy spoilers!

With the grand prize doubled this year to $200,000, fans have been dying to find out who won Too Hot to Handle season 3 and we are here to reveal all.

The winner was determined and it was considered a “well deserved” win, so keep on reading to see who got to take home the grand cash prize.

Harry and Beaux – Too Hot to Handle. Picture: Netflix

Who won Too Hot to Handle season 3?

For the first time in Too Hot to Handle history, a couple won the grand prize. OG’s Harry and Beaux managed to steal the win after the country had voted them the most deserving.

Though they only formed a relationship towards the end of the series they were two of the most loved contestants and fans couldn’t be happier for them.

Beaux had captivated the audience with her infectious personality and Harry with his charm.

Though the prize fund originally started at a whopping $200,000, due to the singles not being able to keep their hands off each other – as we thought – Harry and Beaux left the villa with $90,000 to split between them.

Who was in the finale?

Alongside winners, Beaux and Harry, Nathan and Georgia also made it to the final.

Nathan ended up as the runner up, with Georgia coming in fourth place. The other contestants were present at the finale showing their support to the potential winners.

Though Nathan and Georgia didn’t win, they were very happy for the couple who had become very close friends with a deep emotional bond.

Lana – Too Hot to Handle. Picture: Netflix

How did the other contestants react to Harry and Beaux’s win?

When Lana announced that Harry and Beaux had won, their fellow contestants and now friends, seemed genuinely happy for the couple.

They all gathered around the two for an emotional group hug as they showed their support and love for the winners.

Runner up, Nathan, said “being runner up never felt so good” and continued to say that if he had the chance, he would have voted for them too.

Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle has been one of the most memorable and iconic so far, bring on season 4!



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