Chloe and Mitch have been reunited on Netflix’s newest dating show Perfect Match, but why did they break up in the first place?

Perfect Match has brought together a bunch of our favorite single Netflix stars and put them into a luxurious Panama villa, in hopes they’ll find the one.

We take a look into the timeline of Chloe and Mitchell’s relationship.

Perfect Match’s Chloe and Mitch first met on The Circle

Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason met on season 2 of Netflix’s The Circle, and although the pair couldn’t see each other during the game, they shared many flirty exchanges.

Viewers already knew Chloe by then, from Too Hot To Handle season 1, and Mitch was following in his mom and brother’s footsteps, who starred in The Circle season 1.

Cut to the outside world, and despite living on other sides of it, the two began dating in real life. However, it seems like it wasn’t meant to be.

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Why did Chloe and Mitch break up?

The couple were dating after The Circle but took to their Instagram stories to announce the breakup in 2021, due to distance.

In an Instagram story in August 2021, shared by Cosmopolitan at the time, Chloe wrote:

“Me and Mitchell have decided that living across the other side of the world from each other is going to be harder than it seems!”

“We are still going to be in each other’s lives. We will still be the best of friends but unfortunately, the pressure and distance have brought us to this decision.”

The couple both then went on to thank their fans for the support.

The Circle stars reunite on Perfect Match

Chloe and Mitchell have reunited on Netflix’s newest dating show Perfect Match, could it be the second time lucky for the couple? Fans hope so.

They’re not the only castmates who had a history before the show. Joey and Kariselle also had a relationship before the show as well as Francesca and Shayne.

We guess we’ll have to wait until the finale to see if they were each other’s Perfect Match after all!



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