Why did Jake Garcia leave Valdosta? Titletown High star's exit explained

Why did Jake Garcia leave Valdosta? Titletown High star's exit explained

Titletown High is the talk of Netflix viewers, which focuses on the Valdosta Football Team. Several wonder why Jake had to leave the club.

Think Last Chance U, where we catch an insight into how sports players lives work, from their professional careers to their personal relationships.

In Titletown High, we get to see the ins and outs of the Georgia-based football club, including Jake Garcia‘s journey while playing for them.

Since the series was released, fans are questioning exactly why Jake had to leave Valdosta. Reality Titbit can explain the reason behind his exit…

Titletown High | Official Trailer | Netflix

Titletown High | Official Trailer | Netflix

Why did Jake Garcia leave Valdosta?

  • Jake was made ineligible as his parents hadn’t made a bona fide move.

Garcia played only one game for the Wildcats before the GHSA ruled him ineligible, because he and his family hadn’t made a bona fide move.

This means that student must move with the entire parental unit or those they lived with at the former school.

However, Jake’s parents are thought to have got legally separated and moved across the country, in order make him eligible to play.

Reports state that his have parents had dissolved their marriage, with Jake’s father making the move to Georgia with him, but it didn’t fit requirements.

He appeared in one game for the Wildcats, before being deemed ineligible by the GHSA, and then surfaced at Loganville (Ga.) Grayson.

Netflix: Viewers question Jake Garcia’s exit

Several Titletown High fans have strong opinions on the move Jake’s parents made, which is clear to see on social media.

One fan wrote: “For the record – Jake Garcia’s parents tried to pull a fast one on GHSA. They admitted that on ESPN.

“GHSA had to do something. “We separated. After the season, we will unseparate”.

Others are blaming his parents for why Jake was made ineligible.

A viewer said: “Rule #1 of high school sports… do whatever to stay eligible. Jake’s parents should have kept their mouth closed.

“This is literally their fault. #titletownhigh.”

However, some are blaming his coach. A fan wrote: “Coach Propst should’ve told everyone involved in the transfer of Jake Garcia to stay quiet and not do any interviews with anyone #TitletownHigh.”

Why was Jake Garcia eligible for Grayson?

Some fans are now confused at how Jake was eligible for Loganville Grayson, where he quickly became the team’s starting quarterback.

This is because he moved from a GA school – Valdosta – to another GA school, which was Grayson.

When he moved to Valdosta, he had only left purely to play football and for no other reason, making him ineligible.

However, if he had moved for his parents’ work, or it was a real permanent move, it is thought Jake would have been eligible.

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Titletown High: Where is Jake Garcia now?

  • Jake now plays for the Miami Hurricanes.

He had previously committed to USC for 14 months.

But Jake then signed a National Letter of Intent with the Miami Hurricanes in December 2020, for the Class of 2021.

Jake made 19 passes in 25 attempts for 255 yards and two touchdowns in the Miami Hurricanes Spring Game on April 17, 2021.



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