La’Darius Marshall has been a fan favourite since Season 1 of Cheer, we’ve enjoyed watching him tumble across the mat and impress us with his charm.

As you can imagine, when we found out during Season 2 that Ladarius had left Navarro, fans were disappointed to say the least. Not only did Marshall leave the team but the departure didn’t happen on the best of terms.

Here’s the scoop…

Cheer Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Cheer Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Why did La’Darius leave Navrro?

La’Darius already had pre-existing beef with assistant coach, Kaille Peppers, from when they were competing together at Navarro.

When head coach Monica Aldama left for Dancing With The Stars in 2020 and hired Peppers to take over as head coach, Marshall wasn’t too happy and this seemed to be the catalyst to him eventually leaving the team.

Marshall mentioned how he didn’t feel he was getting the support he needed from the coaching staff and continued to say how this didn’t seem to change when head coach Aldama returned.

He mentioned how ,when she returned, it seemed she had “forgotten where she came from.”

This wasn’t the only reason however, Marshall also mentioned how he felt he was being “undervalued” and labelled as the “bad apple” and even went as far as calling Aldama “abusive”.

Aldama responds to La’Darius’ Navarro exit

After being labelled abusive and undervaluing her staff, Aldama was quick to interject on the issue.

Aldama claimed there was an issue between Marshall and Peppers from a while ago and said that was the reason the argument started in the first place.

She revealed their argument was apparently over a dog. Marshall had adopted two dogs a while ago and reportedly gave one to Peppers to look after over the semester.

When it came to returning the dog, Peppers thought it was hers and so it looks like there was confusion over who owned the dog from then on.

What’s La’Darius doing now?

Since leaving Navarro, La’Darius has moved back to Florida where he is following in Aldama’s footsteps and is currently training young athletes at Cheer Athletics in Pensacola.

Through scrolling his Instagram, Marshall appears happy with his new start back home and not only has he been supportive of the new season of the show, but he has also mended his relationship with Aldama.

The pair sat down while they were both in Daytona for the national championships and discussed their issues.

Aldama asked Marshall if he genuinely meant what he said about her being abusive, and he told her he didn’t. “When I think of our relationship, I see you how you see me, I see you as my mom. I know we’re closer than that.”

Aldama continues to show her support for Ladarius on his Instagram.



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