Nick Kici has referred to himself as the “yogi” of the Too Hot to Handle season 4 cast. He’s not only that, but also a total natural when it comes to posing in front of a camera. Let’s get to know all about Nick, from his job to his age.

*Warning: Spoilers*: Nick accidentally joined THTH but originally thought he was signing up for a fake reality show called Wild Love. He’s been placed under strict rules not to kiss or do anything more romantic – or cash gets taken.

With the risk of lowering the money in the prize pot, Nick has found a romantic connection with Jawahir Khalifa on Too Hot to Handle but is tasked with trying to resist his desires and be a real team player instead. So, who is Nick?

Nick Kici holds hands together and wears necklace and swimming trunks on beach.
Credit: Netflix

Get to know Nick Kici

Nick is a self-confessed yogi and artist on Too Hot to Handle season 4 cast. The 28-year-old from Michigan has traveled around the globe, hooking up with women in every country he visits. He’s been in at least 10 relationships!

He once starred in The Invisible Man as a waiter called Taylor and is one of the oldest participants on the Netflix’s dating show after 29-year-old Nigel Jones. Kici describes himself as “a little sunshine and a lot of rain.” 

The THTH star has traveled to Mexico, Australia and the Philippines, among other places. Nick often does freestyle flows on his Instagram page and actually sported a shaven bleach blonde hair look back in 2018.

Nick on Too Hot to Handle season 4

Nick finds a connection with Jawahir Khalifa on Too Hot to Handle season 4. He reveals that he “feels a sense of love he’s never felt before” with tears in his eyes, and interested in Jawahir when he first saw her.

After Jawahir showed an interest in him, the two ended up kissing each other, leading to a rule break. Nick was open about his kiss with Jawahir, not knowing about her initial smooch with Seb, but they tried to work on it.

Nick now often comments on Jawahir’s Instagram posts, but doesn’t follow her page. However, he doesn’t follow anyone at all, but she has followed him on the social media platform.

Inside Nick’s modelling career

Nick is a model who has worked with the likes of eyewear brand KnotWtr and Desnudo Magazine. Nick has also worked on a video with the glasses firm and even modelled with Germany’s Next Top Model star Simone Kowalski.

He’s travelled to the likes of Los Angeles and Australia to model, which are mostly black and white shots. Nick has also done a topless photoshoot – nothing new to Too Hot to Handle viewers – in LA while wearing red shades.

His THTH match Jawahir is also a model who competed on Holland’s Next Top Model in 2019. She was eliminated in ninth place while starring on the reality competition at the age of 19.

Nick Kici (left) and Jawahir Khalifa hold hands and close eyes.
Credit: Tom Dymond / Netflix



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