Terrace House mourns Yosuke Imai's death in Part 4 - Reo remembers his surfer friend

Terrace House: Tokyo returns to Netflix worldwide for its third instalment on April 7th, 2020. But in Japan, they are already steaming ahead with Part 4, which started earlier in spring back on March 23rd, 2020.

The popular Japanese reality series – which has been dubbed by many as the antidote to trash reality TV – follows the loves and lives of six young people living in Japan, all sharing a gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing house.

In this latest season, a new housemate reminisced over a previous Terrace House star, who tragically passed away not long after his Terrace House appearance.

So, who was Yosuke Imai? What happened to him after Terrace House?

Screenshot: Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 E1 – Netflix

Who was Yosuke?

Yosuke Imai was one of the stars of Terrace House: Boys × Girls Next Door. This was the first season which ran from 2012 to 2014.

He joined the show from episodes 39 to 74. This was from season 4 (2013) to season 6 (2014).

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Yosuke worked as a photographer. He was born in Kamakura on October 29th, 1984. This meant Yosuke was 29 years old while filming Terrace House.

Yosuke’s cause of death explained

On November 23rd, 2015, just one year after filming Terrace House, Yosuke Imai passed away.

He died of a myocardial infarction, which is the interruption of blood supply to a part of the heart. It was reported that Yosuke died from this complication as a result of his weight loss.

The news of Yosuke’s sudden death came as a shock to the cast and fans. Many took to the internet to memorialise Yosuke and have kept him in their memories since.

Yosuke remembered on Terrace House

In the forth instalment of Terrace House, new housemate Reo Kanao revealed that he knew Yosuke. Reo is a 27-year-old surfer, so it’s no surprise he came into contact with Yosuke.

In the third episode (April 7th, 2020), Reo produced Yosuke’s key, which he carries around with him as a reminder of his friend.

Reo said in the episode:

He was so compassionate. We used to work together in the same shop. He’d get exited and sing and play guitar for them. But he had to leave to become a star.

They conclude this memory by raising their glasses to say: “Cheers, Yosuke.”




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