Young Doc Antle was unrecognisable before his Tiger King fame

Young Doc Antle was unrecognisable before his Tiger King fame

Doc Antle is the star of Netflix’s latest Tiger King documentary, sharing his story of being an American animal trainer. Now 61 years old, fans won’t believe what he looked like in his younger days.

Moving on from Joe Exotic, who rose to fame in Tiger King Seasons 1 and 2, this is the story of Doc Antle. One part of the documentary details that he ran away with Radha Hirsch, Diane Ducharme‘s daughter, before she left him aged 17.

Recent pictures show Doc with white hair and a facial beard, usually cuddled up to a tiger or lion. However, we have discovered some images from his younger years – which might leave your jaw on the floor.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

Doc Antle in his younger years

Doc Antle has had quite the interesting life, from being Joe Exotic’s mentor to running away with a teenager.

One very random part of his upbringing involved being on-stage – tiger in tow – while Britney Spears was on stage. The 2001 performance involved a young Britney singing ‘Slave 4 U’ while he donned long, brown hair [see below/above].

He has kept the long-haired look up until this day, as well as his muscular physique. Almost like the real-life Tarzan, Doc barely has any pictures without his fellow cat or animal friends by his side.

Doc began raising and caring for animals at an early age, and started a private zoo operation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 1983. Some may describe his youthful look as animalistic, due to the long hair.

As a teenager, Antle lived at Yogaville, a community founded by Swami Satchidananda Saraswati, an Indian spiritualist.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

He looks almost unrecognisable in these pictures

With a slight fringe, his youthful features look nothing like Doc Antle today.

He even blends in with his huge cat friends in some younger pictures by wearing tiger print trousers, but his white hair and beard now stand out far more when stood next to them.

When Doc was younger, his brown hair and strong physique are quite contrasting to his more rounded figure aged 61. He also appears to have a glint in his eye which he doesn’t show as much on the documentary [second pic below].

Just 25 years ago, Doc looked almost like a totally different person [see first pic below]. His eyes appear more piercing and blue while pictured with his child. Without the beard, much more of his prominent jawline is on show.

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Where Doc Antle is now

Now 61 years old, Doc continues to be a well-known American animal trainer.

His presence on social media is very current, posting several videos and pictures with his animals at Myrtle Beach Safari Wild Encounters tour, such as with “jungle prince” Vali.

The Netflix star has a very unique life, from hugging Hyena kid Xanadu in his living room to having dinner with his fellow chimpanzee friends!

Things haven’t changed since Doc Antle was a younger lad, as he still cuddles up to tigers for a living.

As reported by People Magazine, the animal trainer has not married since his wife died 25 years ago. He has continuously denied claims from fans that he may have ‘multiple wives’.

Doc did admit he spends time with “lovely girls” but insists they are not married to him.

Two of his children work with him at the Myrtle Beach Safari, while his daughter Devi works as a dancer.

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