Dubai Bling has been a huge hit on Netflix since it dropped on the streaming service in October 2022. Lojain Omran, Ebraheem Al Samadi, DJ Bliss, Safa Siddiqui, and Zeina Khoury are all cast members of the new series. During Dubai Bling, Zeina Khoury‘s co-star Safa asks her to model clothes for her fashion show and says: “You’ve got the height and everything, you’re going to look beautiful.”

Due to Safa saying that Zeina “has the height” that she doesn’t, fans want to know more about Zeina Khoury’s height. Let’s take a look at how tall Zeina Khoury is and her career from modeling to starring in Dubai Bling.

Zeina’s modeling career

When Zeina Khoury was asked to model during Dubai Bling, she said: “It just reminds me of a period I don’t like in my life.”

She explained she “promised” herself she wasn’t going to model again.

Zeina said she used to model “a long time ago” where she weighed “five or six kilos more than the standard model.”

She added it was “too much pressure” and said to Safa she was “borderline bulimic.”

Zeina admitted it was a “very, very dark period” in her life.

Due to the fact that Zeina’s time as a model was a “dark time” for her, she doesn’t appear to have posted throwback-type photos on her Instagram page. A 2009 post from Gladiators describes Zeina as a “Lebanese model” and host of the show.

Zeina Khoury’s height

Dubai Bing star Zeina turns 39 years old in 2022. She said she has now “learned to love her imperfections.”

Zeina’s height was a topic of conversation during Dubai Bling episode 5 as Safa needed someone to model clothes for her first-ever fashion show. Zeina wasn’t keen on modeling the clothes and asked: “How would that size fit me? I’m a size 40, 42.”

Multiple online sources, including Celebs Week, My Imperfect Life, and Showbiz Cast estimate Zeina is 5ft 7in.

Zeina’s co-star Safa’s height is estimated at 5ft 3in by Celebs Week.

She’s a self-made businesswoman

Not only is Zeina now a reality TV star but she’s a self-made success, too.

Speaking on Dubai Bling, Zeina said that some of the cast members were born into wealth, while others have earned their money themselves.

She writes on Instagram that she’s a London Business School alum and CEO of High Mark Real Estate.

Zeina adds that she’s: “Encouraging you to think big” in her IG bio. She’s married to Hanna Azzi and the couple has two children.

She has 238K followers on Instagram at @thezeinakhoury.

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