5 reasons why Love Island's Kaz is SERIOUSLY underrated

With all the recent Love Island drama, Kazimir Crossley has become a bit of a background figure.

Rewind a couple weeks, however, and Love Island’s Kaz was the most talked about and most hated girl in the villa.

She stole Josh Denzel away from the ‘beloved’ Georgia Steel and was next line to be booted off the show.

How times change…

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep40 on ITV2
Pictured: Josh and Kazimir Crossley during the Twitter challenge.

1. Kaz is Friends With Georgia

When Kazimir Crossley swooped in and claimed Josh Denzel for her own during the Casa Amor episodes, all her broke loose.

It was expected that Kaz would be chucked out of the villa immediately, with the public more than happier to help pack her bags.

But this was before the Georgia Steel meltdown…


‘Loyal’ Georgia Steel steered the public opinion away from hating to Kaz and to hating Georgia herself.

Despite attempting to call Kaz every possible Starbucks cup name variety – from Cassie to Kez – the pair looked to have put their differences aside.

Kazimir could have easily held a grudge on G but instead, she has quietly gone about supporting her during the love conundrum with Sam Bird.

Who’d have thought G and Kaz would be sharing a chin-wag by the pool…

Screen Shot: Kazimir Crossley, Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4

2. She Has a Genuine Bond With Josh

With only a couple weeks left before the Love Island final, it’s time to start digging out the game-players from those in genuine relationships.

Clearly, Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer have the most natural of bonds, and not winning series four could cause the biggest uproar in reality TV history.

But, who else can we trust?

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Love Island: SR4: Ep43 on ITV2

Pictured: Jack Fincham accent

Megan Barton-Hanson will always let down her side of the couple following her track record of jumping ship, while all the other couples are far from solid.

Dr Alex George is continually digging his own grave having finally coupled up with the stunning Alexandra Cane, before coming to the conclusion that the grass could always be greener.

This leaves us with Love Island’s Kaz and Josh… a couple who do genuinely seem real, and a duo who bring one-other ice cream treats throughout the day.

Complete with a quick peck, come on, what’s not to love!

Josh said, as Kaz walked away: Buy the wedding dress, yeah!”


Screen Shot: Kazimir Crossley, Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4, episode 38

3. Kaz is One of the Most Fashionable Girls

Love Island series four has been missing a sort of Montana Brown type figure.

In Kazimir Crossley, however, we have the Island’s most fashionable figure.


Chuck her next to Josh in his most fly outfit and the pair look incredibly dishy.

Don’t just take our word for it though, back to you Montana…

4. She Won the Most Loyal Vote

This is something that was overshadowed by Georgia Steel’s massive tantrum.

During the game where the Love Island 2018 contestants attempted to guess which couple was the most loyal, Kaz and Josh came in second, only overshadowed by Jack and Dani.

This loyally rubbed up ‘loyal’ Georgia the wrong way, but hey, that’s just what the public think.


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Love Island: SR4: Ep32 on ITV2
Kazimir Crossley.

5. Kaz Hasn’t Forced Herself to Like the ‘Likeable Characters’

As Kaz was a Bombshell to the series, she would have watched the show before entering the villa.

This meant her move to take Josh Denzel from Georgia was incredibly risky, considering G was the nation’s sweetheart at the time.

Likewise, Idris Virgo entered the villa and caused a tossup.

The villa was torn between supporting newbie Idris or Dr Alex, with everyone batting the corner of the fan-favourite doctor.

Kaz took a different approach, however, making sure that Idris was being recognised, rather than just following the crowd.

This girl is real.

We’ve got a text; Love Island 2018 is ending soon!



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