Absolutely Ascot: How OLD are the cast members?

ITVBe’s eight-part series, Absolutely Ascot, has been a huge hit.

Break-ups, feuds, romances and baby news have all featured on the show.

From Courtney to Alfie and Mia to Samson, they’re all totally different but this lot have certainly been entertaining.

So, how old are the Ascot cast? And when are their birthdays?

Absolutely Ascot Ellie – ©Optomen Television

Courtney Smith

Ascot socialite Courtney is 19 years old.

She celebrated her birthday on August 24th with a flapper-themed party which features on this Sunday’s (November 11th) finale.

Claudia Smith

Singer and Disney princess impersonator, Claudia is 21 years old.


She celebrated her 21st on March 2nd this year. (2018)

Chloe Bowler

Chloe is 22 years old.

The beautician is well known on Ascot for being Samson Smith’s girlfriend and running her own cosmetic company.

Leah Fletcher

Leah is 19 years old.

She’s one of the more well-known Ascot characters as she had a relationship-type-thing with Henry Simmons.

Screen Shot: Absolutely Ascot cast ages – ITVBe, series 1

Ellie Ball

Mum-to-be Ellie is 18 years old.

Ellie’s mum said of her recent pregnancy news: “The anxiety that this whole thing has given me is off the Richter scale. She can’t even cook a dinner”.

Lee Smith

Quiet one of the group, Lee, is 19 years old.

Lee recently attempted a date with Claudia Smith on Absolutely Ascot but that went down like a lead balloon as the conversation was almost non-existant.

Samson Smith

Samson is 22 years old.

He’s an older brother to Claudia and good friends with Henry and Lee.

Mia Sully

Make-up artist Mia is 20 years old.

She was born in 1998 and is currently going out with co-star Alfie Best Jr.

Amber-Tucker Chandler

Amber 18 years old.

She’s best known on the show for getting into everyone’s drama and having a lot to say about it.

AngelBo Stanley

Angel is 19 years old, she celebrated her birthday at the Windsor races which featured on the show.

Angel said it was definitely “a birthday to remember”.

Alfie Best Jr

Millionaire Alfie is 21 years old.

He was born in Redbridge, London on 22nd May 1997.

He’s currently in a relationship with makeup artist Mia Sully who’s also on the show.

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