Following the Siesta Key reunion episode, viewers at home are speculating whether Alex Kompo and Alyssa Salerno are engaged. 

The Siesta Key crew returned for a special reunion instalment on Tuesday, August 25th, giving viewers a much-needed update on what they have been up to.

From baby announcements to engagements, each cast member had some pretty significant news to share with their fans.

But one thing that viewers want to know, more than anything else, is what’s happening with Alex and Alyssa since they didn’t appear on the reunion. Are they engaged?

Alex and Alyssa on Siesta Key

Alex and Alyssa’s relationship

Much like every other reality series, Alex and Alyssa’s relationship was surrounded by some drama.

Their relationship blossomed during Siesta Key’s third season but some heartbreak followed when Juliette revealed that she and Alex had an affair.

As a result, Alyssa temporarily moved out of Alex’s house but eventually, she forgave him.

In December 2019, Alex revealed on Instagram that he and Alyssa are expecting their first child together.

The couple welcomed their daughter Alessi in June this year and Alex said in an Instagram post: “The most incredible moment of my life… Is when I met you Alessi.”

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So, are Alex and Alyssa engaged?

We believe that Alex and Alyssa are not engaged.

There is no evidence of an engagement ring on Alex or Alyssa’s social media profiles.

Social media has become the go-to place to share important milestones, therefore if there was a proposal, it would have been all over the internet.

Celebs often take to their online profiles to share relationship updates with their dedicated fans.

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Fans share speculations

The reason for all those speculations about Alex and Alyssa is MTV’s reunion episode from August 25th. Fans always take to social media to share their predictions about couples.

For instance, one viewer said: “I think Alex is gunna ask Alyssa to marry him.”

While another one claimed: “Alex will never put a ring on it Alyssa he does not commit at all.”


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