Are Jon and Mary on Two Steps Home together? The couple launch new HGTV show!
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Are Jon and Mary on Two Steps Home together? The couple launch new HGTV show!

On June 16th, a brand new HGTV show “Two Steps Home” will premiere, and is hosted by Mary and Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin from “Going for Sold.”

In Two Steps Home, Jon (a real estate agent) and Mary (a designer) will be showing how to navigate the complicated process that is buying and selling a house.

Jon and Mary went into business together when Jon was in the oil industry and Mary was working as a flight attendant. Jon explained:

“We were kind of just looking for the next thing for us to do and watching a lot of HGTV at the time. At the time, flipping was really hot and the market in Houston was good. So we decided to take a stab at that.”

Are Jon and Mary on Two Steps Home together?

Yes, Mary and Jon from Two Steps Home are together and have been married for 12 years.

Mary has described their relationship as a “constant transition” and when asked how the couple manage their work- life balance, she said:

“We’ve had to make a lot of adjustments and still are. There is so much we’re learning each day about our roles. You think about in your traditional sense when I was a flight attendant, and he was working his 9 to 5, we still talked about our workday. Except now, we’re the coworkers.”

Jon also weighed into the conversation, and stated: “We’re human, so there are plenty of times where we are not vibing. Now that we have kids, it gives us inspiration.”

That’s right, this presenting duo also have two children together called Harper and Grayson Skye.

Two Steps Home with Mary and Jon premieres on HGTV

Two Steps Home will premiere on HGTV for the first time on Wednesday June 16th 2021 at 9/8c.

Jon spoke about how the connection with each family they are helping is highly important. He told TV Insider:

“As renovators, you know you’re not just making a house beautiful, but you’re making a house a home and making it the dream they always wanted. It really does feel good to give them more than just making a house pretty.”

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