Love Island USA: Who is Bailey Marshall? Meet the contestant on Instagram

Love Island USA’s season 3, introduced three new girls in the villa on Tuesday, August 3rd episode. Newcomers Elly Steffan, Bailey Marshall, and Alana Paolucci joined the original cast of the show on yesterday night’s episode and quickly became popular among the OG islanders.

While all three newcomers left their mark both on the islanders and the audiences it was Bailey who piqued the interest of many.

Who is Bailey Marshall?

23-year-old Bailey is a marketing intern from Portland, Oregon. The reality star graduated from the University of Arizona, last year, in 2020.

Bailey from Love Island USA has over 9000 followers on Instagram. Her account reveals that she was a part of the Alpha Phi Sorority. Her feed is overflowing with pictures of her sorority sisters.

One look at her Instagram and fans will know that she is a travel lover. She is also a fan of the NFL, as there are many pictures of her at the football games. The reality star has also shared some stunning model-esque pictures of herself on her Instagram. But her socials do not reveal much about her dating life.

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Korey and Jeremy swoon over the new contestant

When Love Island USA’s three new girls, Elly, Bailey, Alana entered the villa, they chose Jeremy, Korey, Charlie Lynch and Will Moncada, for their dates.

The men were tasked with preparing a delicious dinner and dessert for them, as the rest of the cast watched the preparations.

Among the OG contestants, Olivia seemed nervous about the upcoming dates, because she had recently confessed her feelings to Korey. Olivia came back from Casa Amor, single and lonely, while Korey returned with Leslie Golden. Leslie left the show shortly after, rendering Korey single. Hence during his date with the new girls, Korey was uncoupled.

Later on, Jeremy admitted that he was attracted to Bailey. Korey seconded Jeremy on that, confessing that he had eyes on Bailey too. Hence it looks like the new contestant has many options open to her in the villa.

Both Jeremy and Korey pulled Bailey aside for a talk during the episode. Jeremy told the 23-year-old “Obviously, out of you three girls, I’m gravitating toward you. I like you.”

However, the 27-year-old personal trainer from New York, sensed that Bailey was more interested in Korey.

Screenshot from Love Island USA/ YouTube/First Look: I Still Have Feelings For Him

Latest update on Love Island season 3

After the August 3 episode, we can conclude that Jeremy and Korey still remain uncoupled. Although Bailey liked Korey more than Jeremy, she is confused about whom to pick.

Will on the other hand is still with Kyra Lizama and Casa Amor star Charlie is with Cashay Proudfoot. The episode ended before the men could pick between the three women.

Meet The New Love Island USA Islanders. Love Island USA 2021

Meet The New Love Island USA Islanders. Love Island USA 2021
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