Everything we know about Billy O'Toole's death: Families of the Mafia season premiere out now

During production of Families of the Mafia season one, Billy O’Toole of the O’Toole family was found deceased in his home in Staten Island.

He is survived by his mother, Barbara O’Toole-Sheehan; wife, Renee O’Toole, and seven children, (Matthew O’Toole, Joseph O’Toole, Taylor O’Toole, Lyric Antonio, William O’Toole, Michael O’Toole and Laila O’Toole,) as well as his four grandchildren.

Billy’s obituary read, in part:

“Billy was larger than life. Always fun to be around and made everyone he met feel like they were family. He was a union carpenter by trade but the last days of his life were spent in front of a camera – As a cast member of the Families of the Mafia.

Everything we know about Billy O’Toole’s death

During an episode of Family of The Mafia season one, a message was displayed on screen which read: “During production, Billy [O’Toole] was found deceased in his Staten Island home.”

Billy’s ex-wife Jess revealed that he was discovered at 7am on July 14th 2019. She said:

“We don’t know how it happened or why it happened, and once we get clarification of how this all happened and we put our family to rest and ease, then we’ll make it known. But as of right now, we still don’t know the cause of death.”

Joe, Billy’s son, spoke about the last time he saw his father. He said:

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“We were hanging out, drinking beers — everything was good. Two days later, I got the phone call my dad was dead. I definitely did lose my best friend, my role model, my Superman.”

Billy O’Toole’s death explored in season 2 of Families of The Mafia

Judging by the sneak peak of Families of the Mafia season two, it appears that Billy’s death will be a focal point for the O’Toole family this season.

During the season preview, the O’Toole family can be seen discussing the circumstances of Billy’s death. When asked by a private investigator about the cause of his father’s death, Joe stated that it was deemed “suicide.”

The investigator replies: “To deem it a suicide so quickly, I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

The MTV description states: “The entire family is banding together to launch an investigation as they grow suspicious that Billy’s cause of death wasn’t suicide.”

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