Bride and Prejudice: Are Chloe and Jack TOO YOUNG to marry?

On Bride and Prejudice, the idea of being ‘too young’ is one hurdle that none of initial three couples have had to face.

However, Chloe and Jack are out there representing the youth with their very early 20’s romance.


A Web of Lies

At first, when Chloe’s mum, Debra, objects, it seems like a simple case of not accepting that her baby girl is all grown up. The viewing audience seems to be on her side from that alone.

As you might expect by now, there’s more to their love story than meets the eye. Jack was homeless when they met, and lied about his parents being dead.

The icing on the deception cake? Chloe lied that Jack was just a friend when she asked Debra to let Jack move in with them.

That’s a lot of fibs!

Not helping the case is the fact that Chloe and Jack have moved in together. While Jack has a store manager job, Chloe still isn’t working.


This gives Debra plenty of ammunition that they’re not being mature or responsible enough, but it’s clear the real damage came from the lies.

Hope you like awkward, stilted conversations, because that’s how this family works things out.

Almost makes you miss Rob’s inappropriate parents to liven up the arguments. Are the big showdowns over lunch making any difference?

Money Problems

With budget concerns, they switch up their choice of venue to the Methodist Church, where the vicar becomes their cheerleader. Finally, someone who doesn’t think they’re too young!

By the time Debra decides to help with Chloe’s wedding dress, it seems the ice is finally thawing.

Can they all get along to make it to the big day?

Jack and Chloe

We also checked back in on Shabaa and Jamie for their big engagement party. It went better than blowing up the airbed for their guests did because they were not exactly experts in that.

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