Bride and Prejudice sparks religion debate: MEET Sobiah and Junior

We’ve seen all sorts of hurdles to marriages so far, now it’s time to tackle the Bride and Prejudice religious edition.

Junior is the son of a pastor and part of a devout Christian family. Now he wants to marry his girlfriend of two years, Sobiah, and that means converting to Islam.


Family Ties

Telling his mum and sister is tricky enough.

Junior’s sister’s smile over how much trouble it’s going to cause him with his dad – it’s a pretty familiar scene if you have siblings – although the big drama is when travelling to Jamaica to tell his dad. Most of all, Junior doesn’t want to hurt him.

He seeks out counsel from Brother Habib at his local mosque in Woking, trying to work out how best to broach the subject.

Sobiah takes this time to get her shop on, chatting with her friends over ice cream about how Junior is going to get on with his dad.

On Location

If you’re going to break life-changing news, turns out there are worse locations than a gorgeous Jamaican beach. Doesn’t spare Junior from a cliffhanger, though.

His dad takes the news calmly but says he can’t give an opinion until he researches more about Islam.

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Will Junior be going home heartbroken?


We find out his dad’s verdict next week.

Is his initial open-mindedness a good sign? Or is he just stalling for time to lay down the law with Junior? Even if he does, will that change Junior’s plans at this late stage?

Junior and Sobiah

Whatever his dad says, it looks like Junior is still on his way to becoming a Muslim and making that proposal.

After all, Sobiah already has her dresses picked out!

With the first few couples firmly on track to wed, or already hitched, Bride and Prejudice religious differences might be the ones that don’t make it to ‘I do’.

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