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Christine says Chrishell 'seeing her as a threat' started Selling Sunset feud

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn has given an intense interview after guest-starring on the podcast Call Her Daddy, hosted by Alexandra Cooper. In the episode, Quinn revealed what really caused her rocky relationship with Chrishell Stause. Read on to discover what it was…

The reality star’s appearance comes just days before the launch of her new book How to be a Boss B***h, which releases today, Friday, May 19th. During the interview, Quinn spoke about her book, internet trolls and behind the scenes tea from the hit Netflix series, Selling Sunset.

You can watch the full episode here but read on to discover one of the most explosive parts of the podcast where Christine reveals what started her feud with Chrishell.

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Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Christine explains what started Selling Sunset feud with Chrishell

In the interview, Christine revealed that Chrishell Stause is the co-star who has genuinely hurt her the most. Actually, she referred to her as ‘seashells’ which is a nickname she has for Stause. Christine explained:

“I just feel like she came into the office and immediately, you know, the girls and I, we had no problems.
But because, you know, she didn’t like me and I was a threat in her mind. She turned all the girls against me and that’s really where that came from.”

When Cooper questions Christine on whether it’s just camera beef or they don’t get on in real life she responded: “I never see her honestly and I don’t have any hate or ill-will towards her at all. You know she’s the one who’s instigated everything, you know, she does interviews about me all day long. I never even mentioned her name.

Concluding that they tend to stay out of one another’s way: “I don’t know anything about her, but her and I never talk. She’s been very vocal and I don’t, I don’t do that.”

Christine then went on to reveal that she thinks Chrishell’s relationship with boss Jason Oppenheim wasn’t genuine on her part, calling it very ‘opportunistic’ and “one-sided.”

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Christine received death threats following Selling Sunset

The former actor also spoke about the death threats that came from playing a villain role on the show. The comments became extremely intense as she even got death threats about her baby. Quinn revealed that this had a significant impact on her mental health: “So that’s what started a whirlwind depressed. Like, you know, ‘I hope you and your baby go die’. ‘You shouldn’t even be a mother’. You know, ‘you’re such a horrible person’. ‘Go kill yourself’, like it was stuff like that.

She continued, “That’s the stuff that got to me is like when you’re bringing my family into it, like, my family doesn’t need to be involved in this people online.”

After reading that, it probably won’t shock you that the reality star has made the decision to leave the celebrity real estate agency, as reported by People. Quinn revealed to the publication that she left the group because she and her husband, Christian Dumontet, launched their own new crypto real estate venture, RealOpen.

Listen to the full episode of Christine Quinn: Confessions of a Reality TV Villain with Alex Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast here.

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