Meet the Crime Scene Kitchen contestants: Cory, Natasha and Leslie on Fox's new baking show!

Fox’s Crime Scene Kitchen is a baking show with a twist as the contestants have to work not only as chefs, but detectives too!

The bakers have to work out what dessert has been baked in the kitchen by finding the clues and ingredients left behind. They then have to recreate the recipe, with the aim being to advance to the next round and win the $100,000 prize.

The judges are chef Curtis Stone and cake artist Yolanda Gampp, and the show is hosted by actor Joel McHale.

Who are the Crime Scene Kitchen contestants?

Crime Scene Kitchen features two groups of contestants, Group A and Group B. Each group contains six teams.

Group A were seen entering the kitchen to compete on May 26th, and Group B stepped up to bat on June 2nd. Here are the Group B competitors:

Cory Powell and Donte Fassett

From Philadelphia, PA and Smyrna, DE

Follow them on Instagram here: @MakemBakem@Mas_Meals@Chef_fassett@alena_cafe

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Natasha Babchak and Anthony Damelio

From New York, NY and Wolcott, CT

Follow them on Instagram here: @helloitstasha@anthony_damelio

Rebecca Miller and Jean Plumley

From Columbia, MO

Follow them on Instagram here: @peggyjeanspies

Shania Thomas-Floyd and Hope Marrero

From Jersey City, NJ and Elizabeth, NJ

Follow them on Instagram here: @rebelchef_1994

Leslie Milton and Emma Rosenthal

From Williamstown, MA and Chicago, IL

Follow them on Instagram here: @goodnightkitchen@delicateforkingflower

Lorie Burcham and Jason Burcham

From Nashville, TN

Follow them on Instagram here: @jasonandlorie@cheflorie@jason.ima

Who is the Crime Scene Kitchen host?

Crime Scene Kitchen is hosted by actor and comedian, Joel McHale. Joel is best known for hosting The Soup and his role as Jeff Winger on the NBC sitcom Community.

Talking about Crime Scene Kitchen, Joel McHale said:

“These bakers, some of them are very well trained–they have formal training. And then, some of them are self-taught. And you’ll be so surprised at how far the self‑taughts get and how not that far some of the trained ones get.”

He continued: “Bringing in the crime scene [element] really levels the playing field in such an interesting way.”

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